Tech Companies Decided to Reopen Their Offices

Tech Companies Decided to Reopen Their Offices

The coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the headlines for more than a year, and it is hard not to mention this issue. It is not surprising that tech companies are working hard to cope with various challenges. It is worth mentioning that, Facebook will reopen its offices in the Bay Area for some employees starting in May.

According to the company, its Bay Area office, which includes its Menlo Park, California, headquarters, will open at 10% capacity in May as long as health data continues to improve. Interestingly, the company initially told employees that, they could work from home until July 2.

They will be able to continue working remotely until one month after their office reaches 50% capacity. As a reminder, the tech giant expects its largest offices won’t reach 50% capacity until early September. People should keep in mind that, Facebook plans to enforce strict rules when it comes to working from offices. For example, employees will have to wear masks all day. Moreover, weekly testing will be required. Let’s have a look at other tech companies as well.

Tech companies and coronavirus pandemic

Interestingly, other Tech companies also decided to reopen their offices in the nearest future.  For example, Uber is hoping to get back to in-person work even sooner. According to the ride-sharing company, it will reopen its Mission Bay, San Francisco headquarters on March 29th, with a limited 20% capacity.

Moreover, Uber plans to follow similar coronavirus restrictions as Facebook. It means employees will have to use masks, etc. As a reminder, prior to its reopening plan, the company was letting its office employees work from home until mid-September 2021.

It is worth mentioning that, other tech companies are taking more of a mixed approach. For example, Twitter made an important decision. Importantly, Twitter made working from home indefinitely an option for all employees at the start of the pandemic. Moreover, the company does not have a set date for when it will reopen its offices.

Google, as well as Microsoft, are looking into hybrid work models. For instance, Microsoft will reopen its headquarters located in Redmond, Washington on March 29th. Moreover, the tech giant expects working from home part-time to be a standard for all office employees. Tech giants are working hard to adapt to the new reality, and they are willing to explore various options. It is no secret that the pandemic changed many of everyday life. Hopefully, tech companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, and others are ready to tackle new challenges.