Tastytrade and LiteFinance Battle for Trader Attention

Tastytrade and LiteFinance Battle for Trader Attention

On Monday, two retail foreign exchange (FX) and contract for difference (CFD) brokers, Tastytrade and LiteFinance, announced their business progress. Tastytrade unveiled its new application programming interface (API) called the ‘tastytrade-API’, which enables users to build a software application. The app also allows the clients to trade with their tastytrade accounts, analyze market data and connect to other applications and services.

In addition, the API offers a sandbox environment for testing strategies and applications before using live accounts, and a software development kit with sample code to help customers build their own trading platforms and retrieve market data.

On the flip, LiteFinance released a new version of its mobile trading application specifically designed for iOS devices. The app offers features such as over 190 trading instruments, more than 100 graphical analysis tools, professional market analysis, 75 built-in indicators, a copy trading system, automatic withdrawal of funds up to $3,000, and one-click trading.

LiteFinance highlighted that the new version has significantly improved performance, making it much faster and more stable. Additionally, the app now offers a wider range of technical indicators and graphical analysis methods.

Both Tastytrade and LiteFinance are seeking to enhance their offerings and provide a better user experience for their customers. Tastytrade’s API provides users with more flexibility and control over their trading strategies and access to market data, while LiteFinance’s updated mobile app offers a wider range of trading tools and more efficient performance.

These updates reflect the competitive nature of the retail FX and CFDs brokerage industry, where firms are continually striving to improve their offerings and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The Evolution of Brokerage Services

These updates represent the ongoing evolution of retail FX and CFDs brokerage services, as firms seek to keep pace with technological advancements and changing customer demands.

In February, Tastytrade changed its name from Tastyworks to Tastylive, which was originally the name of an online financial network. Prior to December 2020, Tastylive was called Tastytrade. Both Tastytrade and Tastylive are part of IG Group, a spread betting and CFD trading provider headquartered in London. Additionally, in 2021, LiteForex underwent a rebranding and changed its name to LiteFinance.