T1Markets Review

T1Markets Review

Broker Review: T1Markets

T1Markets account

General Information

T1Markets is a fresh broker, starting to operate earlier in 2020. The company is based in Cyprus, more specifically, at the WorldTrade Center, 1st Floor 28th October Street 359 3107 Neapoli, Limassol.

Right off the bat, you can see that T1Markets is a broker that adheres to modern standards. That starts from the firm’s webpage, which was crafted to look elegant and professional. They didn’t choose form over function either, as everything runs quite well, without any stuttering or long loading times. To liven its landing page up a bit, the broker integrated trackers that follow the most prominent assets from each category.

Organizationally, the website looks exceptional, as all necessary information is only a few clicks away. The drop-down menu group near the top of the landing page leads you to other commonly visited webpages. That includes the ones with info about trading materials, platforms, customer support, and the company itself. On the bottom, you can read the risk warning disclaimer and some regulatory details.

And while all of that is great, it’d all be worthless if it didn’t have a quality trading experience as a foundation. After all, designing a pretty website is much easier than running a good brokerage. T1Markets is luckily a mix of both, and we’d like to draw attention to some of the broker’s best features:

T1Markets go to market


Trading is a difficult process and coming out on top is a matter of handling information, timing, and sometimes even a bit of luck. Even the world’s best traders have experienced their ups and downs, and everyone’s well aware of the risky nature of the finance world. As such, it’s vital to grab any advantage you can, or adversely, avoid any disadvantage. Hidden fees or extra deposit/withdrawal charges are a tactic that some brokers have started using to boost their profits. However, for traders, that means they’re playing from behind, which is why they should always go with brokers such as T1Markets, that provide an experience without any added commissions.


A sudden surge of new traders exposed how big of an issue safety is in online brokerage circles. Many novices have gotten tricked by a shady brokerage due to inexperience or lack of proper research. As such, finding a trustworthy broker is more important and more difficult due to all the scammers popping up than ever. T1Markets, however, seems to have gotten it right, securing a CySEC license and enjoying its pristine reputation.


With a variety of articles and eBooks to read, courses to attend, and VODs to watch, the broker definitely took its educational experience to the next level. While some features aimed at improving trader skills have become the norm, few brokers go to the lengths T1Markets did.



Funds Trading and Security

T1Markets professionalism

The broker provides excellent security, to the point that it’s easy to forget that the firm opened its doors earlier in the year. It’s usual for traders to start off with weak regulation, and that’s if they even bother to obtain a license. Opposite to that, T1Markets started off with one of the world’s strictest regulators verifying their trustworthiness. The Cyprus watchdog, CySEC tracks T1Market’s activities and serves as a guarantee that any wrongdoing by the broker gets corrected.

All the secondary factors, such as encryption and reputation, are great as well. The broker hasn’t had any serious complaints yet, and the info you input on its website is safe from interception. The company also guarantees they won’t share any personal data you hand them with third parties.

Trading Accounts at T1Markets

To start off your experience at T1Markets, you can open a demo account. That will allow you to check out what the broker has to offer in detail. You’ll be able to test out the platform and check out the detailed asset list. Of course, the account also has funds on it, so T1Markets has a demo account which you can use to inspect each part of the broker’s service. The account, naturally, has demo funds that you can use to help you get an authentic trading experience and see if everything is to your liking.

As you move on to the live accounts, you’ll see three types, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. While the better account types are definitely an upgrade, they are quite fairly balanced according to their cost. The broker struck a great balance between each upgrade feeling meaningful, while remaining strictly luxury. So, as you go up, the quality of certain features, such as leverage, goes up, but there are no qualities entirely locked behind paywalls.

At T1Markets, there’s also a distinction between professional traders and retail traders. You start off with a retail account, which is quite limited in the rate of leverage it can achieve. To get a pro account, you need to submit certain documentation and go through a verification process. That removes leverage limitations and gets you additional possibilities, such as custom loyalty offers. Here are some details about each account type:

T1Markets account type


·         SILVER

Deposit commission: 0%

Spreads starting from: 0.07

Leverage up to: 1:30 (Retail), 1:200 (Professional)

Available base currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and more

Free VPS: No

Dedicated Account Manager: Yes

Fifth Decimal: No

Swap Discount: None

Islamic Account: Yes


·         GOLD

Deposit commission: 0%

Spreads starting from: 0.05

Leverage up to: 1:30 (Retail), 1:400 (Professional)

Available base currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and more

Free VPS: Yes

Dedicated Account Manager: Yes

Fifth Decimal: Yes

Swap Discount: 25%

Islamic Account: Yes


·         PLATINUM

Deposit commission: 0%

Spreads starting from: 0.03

Leverage up to: 1:30 (Retail), 1:500 (Professional)

Available base currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and more

Free VPS: Yes

Dedicated Account Manager: Yes

Fifth Decimal: Yes

Swap Discount: 50%

Islamic account: Yes


T1Markets Trading Conditions


Just by looking at the account info, you can see that T1Markets’ trading conditions are up there with the best. However, let’s go a bit further in our exploration of what the broker has to offer. The leverage can reach 1:500 with the Platinum account, while the spreads are tight, allowing for advantaged and precise trades. There’s also a swap discount you can get, which is more than welcome.

The secondary conditions, which most brokers overlook, are also amazing, indicating great attention to detail. The learning tools go in-depth and are nearly guaranteed to improve your skill level. Each customer gets an account manager as an assistant, and the security is up to par with the best in the business. Also, there are Islamic accounts that open the doors of T1Markets to wider audiences.

When we look at everything together, the service you get looks truly astounding. Not only did the broker make sure its clients get the best practical experience, but they also ensured that luxury features were in place. You can see that T1Markets was meticulous when designing the trading experience and that the company clearly put its customers’ needs first.


Trading Platform

Trading Platform

T1Markets went with a reliable choice in its platform with MetaTrader4. MT4 has been an industry leader for quite a while, and there’s a reason for that. The software benefits both novices and veterans in certain aspects. For new traders, the easy to understand interface provides a great entry point into the world of finance. Simultaneously, experienced traders get a ton of analytical tools they can use to make their market predictions more accurate.

Equally as important, there are two major convenience features that allow for more mobility while trading. The first is the web trader, which turns any desktop device into a trading platform. All you need is an internet browser and your account credentials, and you can trade without downloading anything. The second is the mobile trader, which has become the preferred trading method of many. You can just download the broker’s phone app and trade anywhere as long as you’ve got stable internet connection.


T1Markets’ Trading Products

T1Markets' Trading Products

There’s good variety when it comes to the trading instruments at T1Markets. Namely, there’s a wide selection of over 350 assets spread over the major categories you’d come to expect from a serious broker. The trading products are evenly distributed, meaning you’ll find what you’re looking for, no matter your preferred asset. Here are the categories you can expect to see:

  • Currencies
  • CFDs
  • Commodities
  • Digital currencies
  • Stocks and indices


Customer Service

The customer support at T1Markets has the typical 24/5 work time. There are three options to reach them, a phone line, live chat, and email. The customer service staff is kind and helpful, so you can expect any issue you might have to get resolved quickly.


Phone number: +80040408888

Email: [email protected]

customer service


When you look at everything T1Markets offers, it becomes apparent that the firm can even compete with industry giants. The leverage rates are competitive, the spreads are tight, and the security leaves no room for error on the broker’s end. The luxury services indicate that the broker isn’t just looking for a quick profit, but instead aims to build a lasting, quality relationship with its customers.

For a broker with under a year of experience, what T1Markets accomplished is nothing short of impressive. We’re comfortable with recommending it as a potential permanent trading hub.