SwissBorg: The Democratized Crypto-Economy

SwissBorg: The Democratized Crypto-Economy

Bitcoin Halvings happen predictably every couple of years to keep its miners and Bitcoin investors on edge. Essentially, it divides evert Bitcoin rewards mined by half so the total supply of Bitcoin wouldn’t exceed 21 million.

This algorithm has always worked to pump up its value over the years. This allowed it to remain at the top of the cryptocurrency food chain. In fact, Bitcoin has reached $10,000 multiple times.

Moreover, it is on track to rise up to $20,000 by the end of 2020.

However, algorithms can only do much for such a valuable market. This year is a prime example of the major flaw of a system solely based on mathematics: worldwide lockdowns in major economies forced manufacturers to stop creating updated mining equipment and forced outdated miners to produce half as much income as they used to. Because of this, cryptocurrency firms struggle to balance the supply and demand of the market.

Therefore, decentralized assets like Bitcoin could lose its appeal over uncertain times such as what this year has become.

At times like this, the market could use a cryptocurrency based on fundamentals and utilitarianism.

Introducing the SwissBorg Coin

Swiss-based wealth management platform SwissBorg (CHSB) began publicly offering the SwissBorg coin in 2017. Avid traders call CHSB a more than 80-million dollar multi-utility token that puts the majority first. Wherein every user gets to play a role in the course of the SwissBorg community with buybacks and voting rights.

The SwissBorg Coin (CHSB)

More specifically, CHSB experts maintain the altcoin’s value by giving holders returns on investment with the Protect & Burn Program. That is similar to a buy-back program that burns chunks of the token during red markets. It ensures that long-term CHSB holders are rewarded for buying the coin by automatically placing orders when prices are down. This proactive approach strays away from traditional markets where respective traders have to assess these aims themselves.

The firm recently completed its first Protect and Burn Program. And executives claim it’s been encouraging for everyone in the community. As a result, its exchange program surged the SwissBorg price volumes for the past couple of days.

If that isn’t enough to persuade, SwissBorg also has a page solely dedicated to posting updates on the platform every once in a while. The CHSB Performance Overview page shows important information regarding the token and its Wealth App in real-time.

Users can also view important figures such as circulating and burnt supply, as well as the total tokens, staked.


After the safest assets like Bitcoin starts to circulate doubt in the markets, ethos-based tokens like CHSB should be a viable option. Its admirable mission to give people complete control of their assets gives way to a community focused on trust and transparency.

Its fresh approach is rattling and changing the cryptocurrency market as we know it – it has an inclusive approach that constantly gives back with trust in the passion behind blockchains.

Interested investors could download the SwissBorg Wealth App on both iOS and Android-friendly platforms, which enables users to easily buy, store, and trade digital assets that pass through blockchain.