Gazprom supplies Central Europe via Ukraine

Gazprom supplies Central Europe via Ukraine

The Russian company Gazprom supplies Europe with gas via Ukraine in an average amount of 38.9 million cubic meters per day, the company announced.

They added that the supply goes through the Suja gas pumping station in Russia’s Kursk region and that the Ukrainian side rejected the request for supply through Sokhranovka.

For example, on Saturday, April 22, Gazprom delivered 39.4 million cubic meters of gas.

The transit line through Ukraine is the only route for supplying Russian gas to Western and Central Europe countries. Nord Stream completely suspended delivery due to damage to its underwater part in the North Sea.

Will Germany produce shale gas?

Germany’s natural gas and oil industry produced less energy from domestic sources last year, despite stronger demand during the energy crisis.

As German production has been declining for years, the energy sector wants to focus more on more promising opportunities, such as geothermal energy – the production of hydrogen from natural gas or the underground storage of carbon dioxide.

The amount of natural gas from German resources decreased last year to almost 4.8 billion cubic meters from about 5.2 billion a year earlier, the German Association for Natural Gas, Oil and Geoenergy (BVEG) in Hanover announced on Tuesday, reports DPA.

The same was true with crude oil, where production fell to 1.7 million tons compared to 1.8 million in 2021. From these quantities, about 5.5 percent of the national demand for gas and two percent of oil can be covered.

The trend of a long-term decline in production continues. In the past, Germany produced up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas annually and more.

BVEG head Ludwig Möhring pointed out – as he did when the war in Ukraine started last spring – that German gas producers want to contribute to the supply.

The prices of fossil raw materials, which are still very high, will drop if the national supply increases.