Stock Market for 2020: These Stocks will be Hot |MyForexNews

Stock Market for 2020: These Stocks will be Hot |MyForexNews

The year 2019 has been one hell of a ride for the stock market. While it’s all stellar for most of the year, there’ve also been some rough patches (thanks to the trade war). And now that we’re at the beginning of the stock market for 2020, we all know what’s on everyone’s mind right now: which stocks are the hottest? We got a few answers.

Apple Inc.

In any discussion regarding top stocks, the FAANG stocks will always take a part of it. And among the FAANG group, Apple Inc. comes as one of the most promising. Its 2020 future looks bright.

According to a managing partner from Loup Ventures, Apple stock would be the “top-performing FAANG stock in 2020.”

But apart from expert words, there are a number of reasons why this iPhone-maker is set to have another stellar year.

First, other experts expect Apple to see better growth in iPhone sales. Add that to the constantly growing sales in its wearables, such as Apple Watch and AirPods.

Then, nobody could ever forget the release of new flagship phones. In 2020, Apple may release the 14th-generation iPhone.

5G Upgrade for the Stock Market

Another uber-interesting part is the release of 5G phones in fall.  For those who’re still unaware, the 5G battleground is the next vista of competition among phone makers.

If Apple manages to roll out a satisfying and excellent 5G service, it could experience huge growth and boost. And investors can count on that.

Now, we know that Amazon has not shown off much recently. Perhaps it’s already flown into the clouds, never to be seen again by the stock market?

amazon logo on phone and laptop – MyForexNews

No, certainly not. Amazon stock is getting ready to rise not to the but with its cloud-computing and advertising businesses. Experts agree on that.

Although its October earnings report was a bit mixed, including some misses, it’s still rated highly by analysts.

That’s not surprising because the whole business world is looking at breakthrough tech such as cloud computing to be the next big step towards innovation. And companies that lead in this field are practically the companies to beat.

At the same time, the company has been turning into a logistics powerhouse. It’s also not far-fetched to see that its recent investments will probably pay off big time in the future.

Walt Disney Co

Disney castle under magnifying glass

Even if you’re not part of the gigantic fandom, you probably have heard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or maybe Star Wars? What about Toy Story? Lion King? Maleficent? Big Hero 6?

The House of Mouse has become a market favorite in 2019, with the Disney stock surging 36% up last year.

There are many things that could go right for Disney. For one, it may have the fighting chance to dethrone Netflix as the most popular streaming business.

Disney+ has met expectations, gaining more than 10 million subscribers within the first day of launch. There’s a lot going on in this business.

Add that to the fact that Disney also has businesses in theme parks, movies, and theatrical releases. If all goes well, Disney stock investors will enjoy entertainment while earning cheese.