Stellar’s Lumen declined on Wednesday. What about others?

Stellar’s Lumen declined on Wednesday. What about others?

The cryptocurrency market traded in the red on Wednesday. Most of the major cryptos suffered losses. Stellar’s Lumen and Tezos lowered by 1.64% and 1.39%, respectively.

However, Stellar’s Lumen skyrocketed by 3.39% on Tuesday. But other digital coins traded in bearish territory.

Several cryptos lost relatively modest amounts. Bitcoin Cash ABC fell by 1.22%, and Monero’s XMR dropped down by 1.78%, with Tezos losing 2.31%. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash SV and Cardano’s ADA tumbled down by 2.52% and 2.40%, respectively.

On the other hand, EOS plunged by 5.40%, and Litecoin declined by 4.68%. Tron’s TRX also tumbled down by 4.57%. Ethereum hasn’t fared much better, with a 4.31% loss. Furthermore, Binance Coin lowered by 3.73%, and Ripple’s XRP dropped by 3.75%.

How did Bitcoin fare?

Bitcoin traded in bearish territory on Wednesday as well. The crypto fell by 0.32% to $9,496.1. Bitcoin hit an early morning high of $9,538.1, before sliding to a low of $9,480.6. And it left the major support and resistance levels untested.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin collapsed by 6.84% and ended the day at $9,527.0. The crypto tumbled down from an early morning intraday high of $10,252.0 to an early morning low of $10,066.0.

Furthermore, Bitcoin steered clear of the first major support level at $9,632.53, but it managed to rebound to $10,200 levels before pulling back.

Afterwards, Bitcoin dropped to an early afternoon intraday low of $9,150.0. The crypto fell through the first major support level at $9,632.53 as well. It managed to find a late support by the end of the session. But despite that, Bitcoin couldn’t break through the first major support level. Resistance at $9,600 pulled the crypto back.

Bitcoin’s dominance stood at 66.02% on Wednesday. Bitcoin’s dominance hit a Monday high of 67.13% before tumbling to a Tuesday low of 65.64%.

The crypto total market cap stood at $264.36bn on Wednesday. The total market cap soared to a Monday high of $285.71bn, before dropping to a Tuesday low of $255.98bn over this week.

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