Sony to Build New Electric Vehicle Firm in 2022

Sony to Build New Electric Vehicle Firm in 2022

Japanese Sony Group Corp plans to set up the company in the spring; To explore the market for electric vehicles; Try to use strengths in fun; Also sensors to play a more significant role in next-generation mobility. Sony Mobility, the new firm, releases when the Japanese technology titan is marching the commercial drive of electric vehicles. Sony is well-positioned as an innovative entertainment corporation to redefine mobility.

Although its once-dominant position in consumer electronics has been broken, Sony still possesses an arsenal of sophisticated technologies in sensors, which is even critical for autonomous management. Sony remains one of the biggest entertainment firms in the world with a well-known video game; also movie franchise. Audio and entertainment systems are increasingly focusing on the next generation of cars. Shares of Sony in Tokyo rose 4.2%. This is after the electric car plans were announced.

Also, Yoshida has introduced the prototype sports utility vehicle VISION-S 02; It uses the same electric vehicle platform as VISION-S 01; Which started testing on European public roads in December last year. The company sees mobility as an “entertainment space”; Where passengers can choose from individual entertainment options; Most importantly – they use 5G internet.

Wall Street places big bets on electric cars. Tesla has elevated the global auto industry. The firm is now the most costly automaker in the universe. In addition, many investors expect Apple to launch their car in the next few years. Toyota Motor spent $70 billion in December to electrify its vehicles by 2030.

Sony Expectations

In fact, Sony’s chairman spoke at the CES technology conference. According to him, the new company will study the entry into the electric car market at the first stage. At the 2020 event, the company announced its intention to launch testing of self-driving cars to enhance the company’s touchscreen and security technologies. At the event, Sony presented an electric concept car with 33 built-in sensors; These included image sensors and range and solid-state light detection sensors.

Therefore, It looks like the company has grand plans for 2022. The firm is seriously preparing before joining the ranks of automakers. The good news is that quality guarantors companies plan to enter the field shortly. We now have to wait for spring and events to unfold. Technological advances and unique approaches assure the expansion of the field and increase the aspect.