Shortages of Chips Produce Problems

Shortages of Chips Produce Problems

FIM CISL stated in its periodic report on the group’s production in Italy. According to it, Stellantis produced 351,890 vehicles in the first half of this year. The number is nearly 14% less than in the same period last year. The key Melfi plant and the Sevel van-making facility were the most affected sites.

Using data for the first half of the year and potential full-year production based on orders booked, the union estimates Stellantis could lose between 200,000-220,000 vehicles in 2022, said Ferdinando Uliano, the head of the FIM CISL union.

He said that it’s as if one of the group’s large plants stopped for a year. He added that the chip supply situation was not improving this year. Moreover, this will also affect production in 2023.

War Is Making Things Harder

Uliano said factors including the war in Ukraine and the disruption to Russian gas supplies to Europe would only worsen the part supply situation for the automotive industry.

A spokesman for Stellantis declined to comment on data and forecasts provided by FIM CISL. However, repeated the carmaker had been taking decisions regarding the management of its operations on a day-by-day, plant-by-plant basis since the start of the COVID pandemic.