SEED CX ltd Heats up Crypto Trading Space

SEED CX ltd Heats up Crypto Trading Space

Seed CX ltd is an institution-oriented cryptocurrency exchange.  For now, it is the only digital asset exchange built exclusively for institutional investors. It officially launched in January.

On September 16th, the Chicago-based crypto exchange Seed CX announced that it was lowering its trading fees to the lowest levels in the industry. In addition, it has cut its trading fees to what it claims to be the most competitive levels globally.

However, the previous several weeks have reached record trading volumes for the exchange. The company even briefly overtook other top exchanges like Bittrex.

In February, Seed CX news announced that its trade execution costs on the Seed Digital Commodities Market, a subsidiary of Seed CX, were among the lowest of all digital asset execution venues globally.

In addition, Seed CX co-founder and CEO Edward Woodford made an important statement. He says thanks to the company’s strategy, aggressive fee schedule, and low slippage books even brighter future awaits Seed CX. Edward looks forward to continuing to lead institutional digital asset trading with the best operational support, execution, smart trading systems, and technology. He stressed the importance of institutional investors and professional traders in the further adoption of digital assets. Large institutions used to sit in the sidelines and had no vast convenient offerings in the crypto space. Edward also added that SEED CX has been intentional in creating an institutional trading venue that gives institutions more confidence than they do have on other trading venues. Importance of institutional investors and crypto adoption.

Seed CX offers the Lowest Fees in the industry, which is just eight basis points for monthly volumes under $100M and six basis points thereafter.  The broker allows reduced Slippage, 100 BTC with approximately 20 bps of slippage.

Seed CX subsidiary Zero Hash offers support for derivatives.

Seed CX has added support for derivatives. Zero Hash is a calculation system and settlement agent and subsidiary of cryptocurrency platform. However, newly released service provides management for derivatives; it also calculates final settlement values, crypto back testing, and margin variations.