Sandile Shezi – A risk-taking attitude to trading

Sandile Shezi – A risk-taking attitude to trading

The South African businessman, Sandile Shezi, is also the founder of the Global Forex Institute. Shezi is from the dusty streets of Umlazi. It’s a township located in the South of Durban. In fact, Sandile Shezi’s net worth amounts to $2.3 million, which he has earned in his successful career on the Forex market.

Sandile Shezi Career and Education

Sandile holds a National Diploma from the Durban University of Technology (DUT). He holds a degree in Public Relations and Applied Communications.

Sandile spent years living on the street. He had been trading before he even became a teenager. Sandile was selling muffins at his primary school and later used that money to trade currencies while he was still attending high school.

Global Forex Institute

Very early, Shezi met George Van der Riet, his future mentor, and partnered up to create the Global Forex Institute. George has experience in currency trading, having traded for 15 years. With the high unemployment rates in South Africa, they wanted to decrease the high level of unemployment and also create financial freedom for the young in South Africans.

The Global Forex Institute provides training that prepares students for the foreign currency trading world. This is one of the rare institutions offering a lifetime mentorship full-time. Over the years, the Forex trading training institute has offered mentorship to approximately 10 000 successful students.

The mentors are handpicked by George Van der Riet and are among the top-rated in their field. In 2014 the institute won an award as the number one currency training provider in Africa.

Sandile Shezi Forex strategy

His favourite Forex trading strategy is scalping. Scalping is based on very small and very fast market variations. Therefore, for this technique to be profitable, the fees on stock exchange orders must be minimal.

To guide his investments, Sandile uses indicators. They highlight the direction in which the market is heading. They highlight a good entry and exit point for investors and are a valuable decision aid. Many indicators he mostly uses are: Ichimoku, considered the most profitable Forex indicator as well as RSI (Relative Strength Index). On Sandiley Instagram profile, you won’t only find Sandile Shezi images, Sandile Shezi cars, and houses but also valuable trading tips and tricks.

Sandile Shezi Foundation

An educated population is critical for national prosperity. It enables a wide range of benefits to society. The African Education system has troubles with functional problems. These limit the learning experience of many students.

To assist in developing a more inclusive school environment, The Sandile Shezi Foundation Educational Program seeks to sponsor 2500 students with scholarships by the year 2025.

The Foundation’s Rural Development Programme hopes to expose students in these areas to new opportunities. These opportunities are currently only found in urban areas.

Sandile Shezi – A Role Model for African Youth

Indeed, at 23, this young South African became the youngest multimillionaire in his country. Founder and co-director of the financial brokerage firm, Global Forex Institute, Shandile Shezi comes from the poor neighbourhoods of Durban, South Africa, whereas a child, he sold his cakes.

His life was not at all rosy like many children his age. Sandile Shezi was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He built his future from the fruit of his efforts, his self-sacrifice, and his courage. It was by selling muffin cakes that he took his first steps in entrepreneurship when he was only 12 years old.

Sandile Zungu Mentorship

He grew up in the same neighbourhood as his role model Sandile Zungu, president of the Zungu Investments Company Limited. The company designed a leadership program for the prestigious American university of Harvard. From the experience and journey of hir mentor, Shandile Shezi was able to draw inspiration to forge his mind and feed on hope to achieve his goal. “I then said to myself: if he can do it, why not me?” he said on CCTV Africa.

The man takes a liking to entrepreneurship. So, with the profits gained from selling muffin cakes, Shezi decides to go for the clothing business. He went door to door, offering his articles.

Moreover, the young man speaks proudly in the magazine New 24 interview “this experience taught me a lot about business and the refusal of fate.”

On the strength of this enriching experience and this small success, Shandile Shezi decides to embrace the business world. He abandoned university under the desperate gaze of his parents to give himself the time necessary for the financial analysis required by trading. To do so, he uses his school fees as a starting bet.

Far from sacrificing his future as his parents thought, Shandile Shezi had just laid the foundations of the company that would put his name on the prestigious list of millionaires in his country. The man who is so respected and taken as an example by the youth of the rainbow nation, even continental.

A Passion for Risky Bets

Self-taught, Sandile Shezi does not, however, rest on his laurels. He trains and discovered a passion for risky bets. Over the years, he managed to establish business relationships. It led him to establish one of Durban’s most successful foreign exchange training companies, which he named Global Institute Forex based in Mhlanga, South Africa. 

Global Institute Forex trains people and makes them understand when is the right time to buy or sell how to avoid losing your capital. And above all, it makes sure everyone understands trading. His company is positioned as the leading Forex training provider for young Forex traders with over 2000 trained clients.

Despite his success, Shandile Shezi still recognizes where he comes from. He wants to help all young South Africans who have projects that they cannot finance. The youngster hopes to help decrease unemployment, which is a major problem in South Africa, and then allow others to live their dreams as he does.

Sandile Shezi’s journey is a truly inspiring story for African youth who are most often lost in their bearings. As he says so well, “The road to success is never easy. In the same way you need air to breathe, so you must want success. Moreover, “in every rich man there is a poor child who believes in his dreams”.