Samsung and Netflix Collaboration for Emily in Paris

Samsung and Netflix Collaboration for Emily in Paris

Samsung Electronics has announced an ongoing partnership with Netflix, a popular show within Emily Paris. Inspired by 21st-century Parisian style, the Emmy-nominated show has partnered with Samsung, allowing fans of the series to share world-class premium quality technology.

In the first season, viewers could learn about Parisian characters, French style, culture; It all became the driving force behind the show’s success. Played by Samsung representative Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Sylvie acts as head protagonist Emily’s boss and the CMO of luxury marketing agency Savoir. Sylvie’s character embodies an actual elegant authority; Moreover, in the second season, to make sure she takes care of her personal and professional life, Sylvie chose the stylish and charming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G to stay on top of the charm.

However, Sylvie is not the only one who enjoys the style and charm of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. To start the second season, Samsung and Netflix will offer Emily fans in Paris a cult style and innovative technology through an integrated campaign; With a TikTok filter, offline ads, compelling and social content that gives fans a new lease of life and fun through the cult Galaxy Z Flip 5G lens. The filter will allow fans to become the main character in the animated poster “Emily in Paris.” Moreover, the stunning Galaxy Z Flip 5G will open in the user’s presence and take its place in the center, in front of the Eiffel cult tower. TikTok users can try the Flip the Script TikTok effect on the platform from December 28.

Samsung and Emily in Paris

According to Samsung CMO for Europe, Benjamin Braun: Samsung is always at the forefront of innovation and creativity. The company is pleased to partner with Netflix for the second season of one of their biggest shows. Braun says the Galaxy Z Flip 5G fits the person perfectly. This partnership may continue to develop.

Samsung’s newest line of premium products removes the boundaries of Emily Paris’s innovation. This is an opportunity for brands to combine style with innovation and art. Some Samsung products include:

Galaxy Z Flip 5G: This is a premium and innovative folding phone. Specially designed for people who are part of the trend and for individuals with multiple tasks; Who want to take the perfect selfie, send emails and keep up with the latest trends.

Galaxy Watch3: A functional and fashionable device that allows you to monitor your health.

The Serif: A unique TV that combines cult design and stunning imagery; This transforms each film into the best experience.

Sero: The revolutionary Sero TV is the world’s first design that allows you to rotate horizontal and vertical content seamlessly. So you can easily watch Netflix and mobile social content.

Bespoke Cube: A compact and multifunctional refrigerator that can easily be placed anywhere in the house. It will keep everything for a long time, from wine to cosmetics.

Special refrigerator freezer: This allows you to get personalized, innovative technology in your home.

Emily Paris Season 2 will be available on Netflix on December 22. So you can already see and evaluate the result of one of the most exquisite collaborations of the year.