Russia reacts to the US break of Parity, reveals the hackers

Russia reacts to the US break of Parity, reveals the hackers

Russian Hackers have been breaching the US business and government agencies in the past 18 months. After the official announcement of the American authorities on these attacks, the Russian president said he would take adequate actions. After suspecting that there will be no negative consequences, the white house shared the hackers’ names with the Kremlin.

The white house has handed the Kremlin the hackers names who have been targeting US entities, trying to test if the Russian president would take any actions regarding this matter.

Many US government departments and businesses have been hit by major data breaches by Russian groups in the last 18 months. Putin had told Biden in July that Russia will take steps toward stopping the crackdown on hackers, targeting American entities. This is while the Kremlin has denied Russian government involvement.

US has held a series of online meetings with its cyber counterpart in the Kremlin, during which the US delegation has shared a list of hackers with the Kremlin.

The US is now waiting for the Kremlin to arrest the hackers. Arresting the hackers which will indicate whether Putin is serious about stopping attacks on US entities from Russia.

The US reacts to Cyber Attacks

Following the hacks during the last 18 months, the US has expelled 10 Russian diplomats and has imposed sanctions on 32 Russian entities and individuals connected to hacking and disinformation networks.

Russia Responds

In response, President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russia will react to other countries’ attempts to break strategic parity. He is concerned over the mutually assured defense doctrine being abandoned by western adversaries. In fact, it is this doctrine that has for decades prevented nuclear superpowers from attacking each other. The president of Russia has mentioned that they are aware that some of their western counterparts will not stop trying to break the parity. Furthermore, they will use deploying elements of global missile defense close to our borders. He continued that he cannot ignore threats to Russia’s security and will adequately react to them.