Russia Facing Major and Unexpected Repercussions

Russia Facing Major and Unexpected Repercussions

Russia was largely considered to have predicted an easy win over its neighbor when it invaded Ukraine.

However, Russia has so far had nothing to show for its “special military operation”: Its soldiers have been engulfed in conflict mostly on Ukraine’s northern, eastern, and southern borders, where they have discovered the country to be far more organized and well-equipped than they had anticipated.


Only one city, Kherson, has been taken by Russian forces, but even that control is in jeopardy, with Ukrainian forces mounting a counteroffensive to recover the southern port. Similar actions have been witnessed in other parts of Ukraine, with officials reporting that the country’s soldiers are staging a growing number of counterattacks.

Moscow is experiencing unanticipated repercussions of its aggression in Ukraine just over a month into the conflict, ranging from heavy soldier deaths to long-term economic damage.


Consequences of Ukraine War

The number of Russian casualties is large. Russia has remained tight-lipped on its casualties, but a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman stated Friday that 1,351 Russian servicemen have killed and 3,825 have been injured so far in the conflict.


According to Ukrainian officials, more than 15,000 Russian soldiers have died in the fighting, while a senior NATO official estimated between 8,000 and 15,000 deaths last week.

Many Ukrainians are likely to have long-term hostility toward Russia as a result of the war’s bombing of houses and civilian infrastructure, including a children’s hospital and maternity unit in Mariupol, as well as a theater where people were finding refuge. The international world considers these to be war crimes. Russia asserts that people have not been targeted.


When Russia took Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, the international community was accused of being sluggish and inept. When Russia’s full-scale invasion began, Western democracies upped the ante by slapping broad-based sanctions on important Russian industries, corporations, and individuals linked to the Kremlin or who support the war.