Rumors about the Trump and Ukraine’s President Connection

Rumors about the Trump and Ukraine’s President Connection

One of the top officials is accusing Trump of conducting a deal with Ukraine.

Sondland, the witness, already changed his testimony. There is a substantial amount of people that do not believe him. However, during his testimony, he also acknowledged the fact that he had a part in this deal too.

Before that, he was on Trump’s side. It’s quite odd situation.

The United States President said that Ukraine tried to take him down in 2016. The witness and his colleagues did not want to work with Rody Giuliani about Ukraine’s affair, but they had no other choice.


The witness says that he was gradually drawn to this plan without his choice. It was an important day for the House impeachment hearing.

The affair involved many other top officials like Rick Perry, Mick Mulvaney, and Mike Pompeo. They knew only little details as source claims. Trump told them briefly about the situation only six days after he contacted the Ukrainian President Zelensky. He asked the Ukrainian president to make the investigation fully transparent.


Polarized Situation

Some politicians ask why Sondland is opening about this now instead of mentioning it a while ago. There is no answer to this question. Once, the witness was the biggest donor of U.S. President and had received an ambassadorship award.

Many people think that the testimony is a dirty campaign against Trump. Others believe he is a victim of the partisan hunt. Some people feel that he helped Ukraine with the military to get to his main political rival.

In every opinion, there is rationality and logic. But only one of these suggestions might be right. It is exciting for everyone to see how the investigation ends.

Devin Nunes, Ranking Republican, thinks that this rumor is the way Democrats want to put a speck of dirt on Trump’s administration.

Advocates of Trump say that when a witness changes his testimony once, he is already under suspicion.