Are Pulp Fiction NFTs In Trouble?

Are Pulp Fiction NFTs In Trouble?

Quentin Tarantino resolved the Pulp Fiction NFTs case brought by Miramax. In November last year, Miramax filed a lawsuit against Tarantino. The lawsuit came after blockchain service provider Secret Network said it would sell the Hollywood directors “uncut script portions.”


Miramax claimed ownership of all other Pulp Fiction rights, except those allocated for Tarantino, which did not include NFTs.


Will Pulp Fiction NFTs Be Available?

Miramax was creating its own NFT approach. The studio’s lawyer Bart Williams stated that this attempt devalues the NFT rights to Pulp Fiction. Miramax plans to maximize it through a smart, comprehensive strategy. According to Secret Network’s initial press release for sale Tarantino allegedly held exclusive rights to publish his Pulp Fiction script. The original, handwritten copy has remained hidden for decades. The controversy caused the cancellation of subsequent NFT sales.


Kill Bill: Vol 1 and 2 is one of the collaborations of Miramax and Tarantino. After it debuted in 1994, Pulp Fiction earned $213M worldwide and $107.93M in the US.


Following a protracted legal dispute, it appears that Hollywood filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and producer Miramax have reached a resolution about NFTs connected to the hit movie Pulp Fiction. The film studio reportedly plans to conclude its legal proceedings in two weeks and continue working with the filmmaker moving ahead, including on NFTs projects.