ProfitiX Review

ProfitiX Review

Introduction to ProfitiX Review


The market is continuously evolving, and it requires brokers to be dynamic to maintain a loyal and trusting clientele. Change, as we know it, is constant, and in the field of brokerage, it can prove to be very crucial, making it advantageous for the ones who can go smoothly with the flow or thoroughly swim against the stream.

Profitix, in our point of view, is a perfect example of both.

One thing you need to be to succeed in the market is unique. Profitix, which was just recently established in 2019, has this uniqueness and brings in a fresh take on the act of trading. However, if you really want to achieve success, then you must follow the footsteps of those who have already achieved that.

Profitix is an excellent combination of both, which seems to be the very reason why their continuously growing their user-base daily without signs of stagnation, at least, for now.

ProfitiX, according to their website, is a high-tech broker with a solid reputation in the marketplace and a user-friendly trading platform that traders can utilize to make highly profitable trades and transactions.

Offering all major currency pairs, cross rates, oil and precious metals, derivatives, and many other tradable assets, Profitix brings you a unique experience along with highly reliable broker services in the industry.

In this review, we will discuss what makes Profitix unique, the services they offer, and the pros and cons of trading with them.

Account Types

Profitix has 5 account plans for traders to choose from – the Mini, Advanced, Executive, Prime, and the VIP Accounts. Not much information is listed on the Profitix website, but they show which essential features are available for each account.

Enlisted on the Profitix website are:

  • MINI Account — requires a minimum deposit of $250 with a leverage of 1:400. This will provide you with the minimum order size of 0.01
  • ADVANCED Account — with an initial deposit of $25,000 you will get a leverage of 1:400, and the ability to trade up to 10.00 order size
  • EXECUTIVE Account — a minimum deposit of $50,000 will give you access to a trading portfolio and detailed market analysis
  • PRIME Account — after depositing $100,000 you will gain access to hedging and a pro-trading portfolio
  • VIP Account — receive all of the specs mentioned above, together with negative-balance protection, trade assets, and low market price difference. 

Although we would have loved to see more specifications when it comes to the accounts’ overview, we believe these specs are on the normal side of things. With Profitix, what you see is what you get. You get a range of account types catering to only what you need for the right amount.

ProfitiX account types

ProfitiX Trading Instruments and Assets

Profitix has many instruments and assets available for trading use. Over 10,000 financial assets are tradable through Profitix, which allows for streamlined yet flexible trade decisions among users.

According to the Profitix website, its available instruments and assets are as follows:

Currency Trading — Trade in the most liquid financial market in the world and enjoy various advantages.

  • Low price differences for currency pairs
  • High liquidity that ensures all your trades are executed quickly
  • 24-Hour trading lets you make money anytime you prefer

Commodities Trading — Trade oil, gas, and other commodities with Profitix and catch round-the-clock opportunities to earn profits.

  • Trade oil, gas, metals, and more with zero commissions on each trade
  • Trade key oil indices such as Brent Crude
  • MT5 enables flawless charting and order placements on the commodities market

Shares Trading — Shares are the most popular form of trading for those who take positions directly among public companies.

  • Trade hundreds of shares with zero commissions
  • Speedy execution time prevents you from losing money on lagged trades
  • Advanced platform (MT5) that lets you track various companies at once

Precious Metals — Diversify with spot metals. Speculate whether silver, gold, platinum, and palladium shall be in short or long position.

  • Gold and Silver
  • Platinum and Palladium
  • Speculate on short and long price movements
  • Great asset to gain full exposure
  • Take a position on a fall in value as well as a rise

Cryptocurrencies — Quoted both in USD and EUR, cryptocurrencies at Profitix enables you to trade with the lucrative digital currencies market.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Gold

Stock Indices — Indices are made up of a group of shares that are used to track the performance of a country’s stock market.

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (USA)
  • S&P 500 (USA)
  • FTSE (the UK)
  • DAX (Germany)

With the availability of thousands of assets, Profitix has deemed it necessary to have educational tools and market analyses for its clients to assist them in their trading endeavors. This allows users to be able to keep up with the market to help them decide on which assets to choose.

Trading Conditions

Traders want to feel secure with everything that involves their money. In the case of Profitix, it ensures the protection of its users’ information, not to mention their hard-earned profits and investments via SSL server encryptions.

Profitix guarantees ultra-fast order execution by offering the Metatrader 5, which not only allows for multi-asset trading but according to Profitix, also enables traders to perform operations using four types of performance while enjoying transparent pricing from 20 different banks and pool liquidity sources.

Profitix also allows traders to have a leverage selection from 1:1 up to 400:1 for more than 10,000 assets.

These conditions are relatively average when compared in general, but for a company so young as Profitix, ensuring such conditions can prove to be difficult, but surprisingly, they’ve managed to keep up with the flow of the brokerage waterways.

Conclusion – Is Profitix good?

Honestly, we had our doubts. To think that a company which just started operations would become one of the brokers dominating the market is unexpected. However, we were proven wrong by Profitix.

Even though Profitix only started penetrating the competitive barriers of the industry, they have proven to be successful. All in terms of being favored by many traders searching for something so fresh yet feels familiar.

One thing we wish it had was the availability of other platforms. There are several users who actually prefer other platforms or the added available functionality of choice.

We also mentioned how we wanted a more specific overview of the inclusive features and perks of the trading account types. Not all people who are looking into trading are knowledgeable or familiar with the usual trading specifications.

Having to click on two, three, or even more just to gain information on what every account type entails can, at times, also be frustrating to some people, and that could potentially draw them away.

With that said, we believe MT5 will soon be the standard trading platform. We think Profitix is doing well when it comes to encouraging and implementing a sense of uniformity to all its users.

There may be disadvantages as some people may not want to spend the extra time learning a brand new platform. This could just be the price to pay for users having a better customer support system and access to more advanced tech functions built-in the platform.

Regarding the list of specifications for the account types, we think it’s essential to be a lot more particular. However, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal-breaker because really, it’s just a few clicks away. Profitix could easily add the missing details shortly — presuming that they, the people behind Profitix, consider doing so after the reading this review.

Finally, our verdict? Trade With Profitix!

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