PlanB, Mike McGlone from Bloomberg Intelligence, and Gold

PlanB, Mike McGlone from Bloomberg Intelligence, and Gold

PlanB highlighted a blog post concerning S2F and confirmed that this hypothesis remained valid when asked where the source of funds will come from to propel BTC/USD towards $100,000. That is what PlanB says.

It will be gold silver and countries with damaging investors, institutional investors, millionaires, and billionaires hedging against QE (quantitative easing), and countries with predatory governments.

This week, Optimism on safe havens continues beyond Bitcoin. Cointelegraph reported that hopes are high that gold will react positively to Wednesday’s policy update from the United States Federal Reserve.

Mike McGlone works at Bloomberg Intelligence. He is a chief strategist there. So, McGlone highlighted strength in gold.

On Monday, the chief strategist said that there are rising gold prices. It is despite declining managed-money net-longs hedge funds and an advancing United States dollar. Thus, rising gold prices are a sign of the strengthening foundation under the metal.


Less speculation against more organic demand forces is at play for the store of value. Thus, it indicates a healthy bull market.

Currently, XAU/USD is lingering at just under $1,950. It had hit all-time highs in August of $2,075.

The original stock-to-flow model is calling time on the phase of Bitcoin at around $10,000. It has not been wrong so far.

It is high time for Bitcoin (BTC) to begin its next significant price rise. That is what the creator of one of the best-known Bitcoin price models says.

In a tweet on September 14, Quant analyst PlanB highlighted signs that BTC/USD will repeat historical gains.

PlanB analyst said that the time is right to begin of magnitude step up. He referred to the original incarnation of his stock-to-flow (S2F) model.

The analyst wrote alongside a new chart that it is the 2019-time series model on historical data of Bitcoin.

All in all, we see the jump in model value at halving. Furthermore, there is a corresponding drop in the S2F multiple/model error.  

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