Part II: Technology in 2020 and its Forecasts

Part II: Technology in 2020 and its Forecasts

The customers of the call center on the technology account want their comments to be acknowledged in relevant and contextual content. They want brands to use behavioral data to know the best way to communicate in terms of channel and material, proactively.

In 2020, the attention will turn to voice interfaces, as customer demand for voice interaction is growing. An example of this is Alexa and Siri. Moreover, the companies will incorporate more sophisticated voice engagements into their services and products.

COO of IPsoft, Steve Highway agrees that 2020 will increase push towards the voice assistants. In order to combat decreasing brand loyalty, there will be a significant shift towards virtual assistants. There will be an increased demand for human-like avatars in the next year.

They need to develop much stronger bonds with their customers as traditional brand loyalty wains will drive many companies. We, as humans, like to engage fully with an avatar that feels familiar to us. Because it can display empathetic and emotional reactions that are key to human conversations. That is why we will see humanizing virtual assistants. We also tend to connect with other human beings.

Technology Forecasts

Technology development and Brexit will have huge impacts on the UK workforce. Also, the changing political landscape will affect the workforce. Director and Co-founder of Vuealta Adam Bimson think that intelligent automation in the term of smart planning will be a crucial trend in the coming year. The application of machine learning and refer to creative plan and artificial intelligence to business planning and forecasting processes.

A significant role to play in workforce planning will have an intelligent plan. Usually, an organization’s greatest asset is people. Nevertheless, one of its highest costs might be people also. The key to success is to ensure people with the right skills are in the right places at the right time.