PARSIQ’s New Startup Platform: Changes Blockchain Analytics

PARSIQ’s New Startup Platform: Changes Blockchain Analytics

Cryptocurrency is growing rapidly and increasing its systematic complexity. As time goes by, the market nowadays requires new tools for blockchain monitoring. New strategies and utensils are required to match the 21st century. However, the blockchain system still requires governance adjustments.  A dialogue needs to be established between cryptocurrency businesses, banks, and regulators.

One of the startup companies notes that current tools as block explorers lack the ability to monitor entire blockchains in real-time. They have no comprehensive analytics. PARSIQ is modular blockchain, monitoring and forensics platform. It offers comprehensive tools for analyzing, detecting, and preventing any illicit blockchain activities.

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PARSIQ’s ultimate goal is to give everyone the ability to understand and manipulate blockchain data streams. It aims to help cryptocurrency businesses to keep up with regulatory compliance and thus,   push forward the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Blockchain has a transparent and decentralized system. PARSIQ has the ambition to integrate blockchain infrastructures into existing businesses with an additional layer of security for blockchain-specific asset management. Blockchain monitoring tools will make crypto a safer place.

Thus, the company believes that it is possible to increase market transparency by reducing retail manipulation. This way, PARSIQ uses the clear-cut nature of most blockchains and transforms massive amounts of data into actionable information. PARSIQ’s new monitoring platform plans to give clients greater control over their crypto assets.

Through the company’s most powerful tool, ParsiQL’s inner program “Smart Triggers”, users will be able to perform various daily turnovers, thresholds and to run totals on streams of blockchain events.

PARSIQ’s offering for businesses

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In order to prevent crypto hacks and market manipulation, works on technology to monitor the Memory Pools. The Memory Pool, also called fixed-size blocks allocation, is a database for pending transactions.  These mempool transactions are waiting for confirmation from the miners. However, after action approval, they appear in the blockchain.

In addition, the team offers technology to allow businesses to monitor initial coin offering ICO smart contracts for changes in token supply.

PARSIQ says it is already working with a number of clients. For example, cryptocurrency exchanges use PARSIQ for monitoring their deposits and real-time analyzing the source legitimacy.  In the case of, suspicious transactions, the client receives a real-time build-in alert system. In addition, the service provider is alerted to and will able to freeze the funds in case of a breach based on such alerts.

PARSIQ’s monitoring of trading activity

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The company provides users a toolkit that grants an ability to spot “whale” predict sell-offs, market-maker activities and identify accumulation. Additionally, the market intelligence dashboard shows trending ICOs tracks information on collected funds and provides various statistical data for perceptive decision-making.

Also, PARSIQ promises that it will offer the crypto community a new generation of tools to monitor and analyze blockchain data all in real-time.

In conclusion, the team plans to help businesses and consumers to secure their assets. PARSIQ wants to make crypto a safer place for everyone. This, according to the company’s founders, is the next step in broadening cryptocurrency’s charm. 

PARSIQ is holding an initial exchange offering of its PRQ token at the end of this month on exchange and is currently accepting registrations for the sale.