Overview of Technology: Microsoft, OnePlus, Apple TV+

Overview of Technology: Microsoft, OnePlus, Apple TV+

Today we will talk about Apple TV+, Microsoft, and OnePlus. Apple is a successful company. Microsoft’s Build 2020 developer conference kicked off (remotely) yesterday. Thus, we saw the first results of Microsoft’s billion-dollar investment in OpenAI. Elon Musk co-founded a company. Microsoft said that it developed an Azure-hosted supercomputer built. It is expressly intended to test large-scale artificial intelligence models of OpenAI.

Of course, we have seen many implementations of artificial intelligence focused on single tasks. For instance, they were focused on translating languages or recognizing specific objects. Nevertheless, a new wave of research is focusing on massive models that can perform multiple tasks at once. That might include potentially generating code after exploring GitHub or moderating game streams, as Microsoft claims. These large-scale models, realistically, make artificial intelligence a lot more useful for developers and consumers alike.

Now we will talk about OnePlus and Apple.


Now let us talk about OnePlus. It has started to roll out a software update that temporarily disables the 8 Pro’s controversial Color Filter function of the camera. This was in an announcement posted on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo. Furthermore, the manufacturer said that he/she noticed the camera might cause a subtle see-through effect when it is in full proximity to specific materials.

The Color Filter camera of the phone has a setting called Photochrom that uses the phone’s infrared sensors for giving a specific effect. Users found that the feature can see through thin or tinted plastic. We are mainly talking about electronic materials or cases that need to be able to absorb infrared. Nevertheless, some claimed that it could even see through clothes. The update removes the filter. Moreover, it is set to arrive in about a week.

Gizmondo UK is testing the feature. It found that it can only see the electronic components inside devices in specific cases. It worked well and showed just what is inside an Apple TV. Nevertheless, it could not explain what mice, phones, and laptops are. Moreover, it did not make clothes see-through. Ben Geskin made a report concerning the software update. He said that it did not see through any of the clothes they tested.

Apple TV+

Now let us talk about Apple TV+. It launched last year. Nevertheless, its MO was very much for original content. Apple TV+ poured a lot of money into new shows, particularly for the platform. Thus, this is an indication that there was not an awful lot on there beforehand.

By February this year, some 10 million people had signed up to TV+, according to a Bloomberg report. Nevertheless, only around half that figure actively used the service. Now, to mitigate some consumer uncertainty, Apple is reportedly buying many older films and shows. It already has the massive libraries of Hulu and Netflix.

Apple TV+ executives took pitches from Hollywood studios. They were about to license older content to streaming service, and they have already bought some movies and shows.

Nevertheless, Apple intends to remain focused on original shows, according to people familiar with the matter. Despite that, they plan to round out its offers with additional content that will help it attract new customers. This is because its initial approach did not result in the numbers it was hoping for.

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