Next Generation Xbox and Controller Features a Share Button

Next Generation Xbox and Controller Features a Share Button

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Xbox, the Xbox Series X, during the Game Awards 2019. This is what everyone thought. Microsoft representative spoke with Business Insider, who confirmed the next generation’s name is straightforward. The name of the upcoming model is – Series X.


The Microsoft representative said that the name they will carry for the next generation is simply Xbox. He added that the name we saw in the Game Awards would come to life through the  Series X. The representative told Business Insider in a separate quote that the name ‘Xbox Series X’ allows room for an additional console in the future, similar to what fans have seen with previous generations.

This naming is less powerful than the Xbox One S and has a similar naming convention to the mighty One X.

It is not yet known if the console wants to continue denoting the weaker console with S. There is a probability it will lead to a Series S next year as well. It is also possible that Microsoft will ditch the cheaper model altogether. It could be that the only next-generation console from Microsoft in 2020 will be the Series X.

Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, talked about the new name with GameSpot. He noted the possibility of other versions as well. Spencer said that the name ‘Series X’ allows doing different things with the name. For example, creating descriptors when they need to.

Including a new controller with a share button for Xbox players, the Series X offers exciting new features. The generation console is more powerful than the Xbox One and can play all generations of Xbox games. The most crucial part is that we know what the next generation’s name will be.

Xbox Controller Button

Microsoft Xbox

The gamepad will have a share button in the middle of its face. The button will be slightly below the Menu and the View buttons. Microsoft described the other directional pad in a news release as an advanced d-pad derived from the Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.

The Xbox One can capture gameplay and screenshots, similarly to the PlayStation 4. Also, the Nintendo Switch has a capture button that works for images at launch, and video later. After the Xbox One initially came with Kinect, the only way to use Xbox Game DVR back then was to say, “Xbox, recorded that” out loud. Later Microsoft patched the ability to press the Xbox button and then to hit a face button to capture an image or video.

With every Series X, a console Wireless will be shipped. It will also be compatible with the Xbox One Windows 10 PCs. As already announced, the next-generation console will support the controllers of One. Project Scarlett was the codename of the console Series, until The Game Awards on Thursday. It is scheduled to launch during the 2020 holidays. However, the exact date is unknown.

Console supporters can’t wait for the publishing date, but they have no other choice but to sit and wait. Xbox has to compete in a big competition in the gaming world.