Newly 51 ETFs Introduced To Moneta Markets Trading Platform

Newly 51 ETFs Introduced To Moneta Markets Trading Platform

Moneta Markets, a new brand under parent company Vantage Group extended its trading platform with an additional 51 ETFs. At the moment of the announcement, Moneta Markets had over 1000 products available for their clients.

The additional 51 EFTs are categorized in leverages, with 1:1 leverage containing Global X Blockchain ETF, Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF, and Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF.

33:1 leverage is another category of EFTs offered to contain Innovation, iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund, and Vanguard ESG US Stock.

In early 2022, Monet Markets hired Kitty Yu as the Asia Regional Business Development Manager.

David Bily, the CEO and Founder of Moneta Markets said that in consideration of the current economic climate, Moneta Markets clients are looking not only for modes of diversification but also a way to gain exposure to a basket of products that follow a particular dynamic.

The CEO added that the administration is working towards creating a steadfast multi-asset broker that rivals the old dogs of the industry.  He also illustrated the need to evolve the company’s offers based on clients’ demand as well as targeting to lead their competitors.

The broker again submits to deliver under proposals raised by the clients and also agrees to furnish more unique products to ensure they have distinguishable services from those of its competitors.

“As we continue to grow and build our offering, we have noticed that we are attracting a broader range of traders and investors than the traditional forex traders.

“By introducing a range of ETFs, clients can take advantage of politically and economically driven trends across a variety of industries, whether green energy, metals, small-cap shares, short selling funds, and much more, and our new range ETFs are a great way to take advantage of market trends that can often span several years, the CEO noted.

“Hitting 1000+ products was a major milestone for us, and it has been great to see the uptick in trading volume since launching our new Share CFDs and ETFs, particularly from those who like to trade with a longer-term timeframe in mind, David Bily added.