New technology for hotels may help to control Covid-19

New technology for hotels may help to control Covid-19

Most of the hotels stopped receiving guests after the Covid-19 outbreaks. Some of them became quarantine zones while others closed. However, they can’t stay closed indefinitely. If businesses want to survive, they have to adapt to the new reality. A reality in which the pandemic changed our way of life.

Hoteliers needed to change the way they operated their businesses to get the green light from governments for opening. Physical distancing requirements, along with increased compliance demands, and razor-sharp attention to managing costs are accelerating the adoption of new technology to help with this process.

The way to recovery seems long and hard. However, a property’s technology stack can aid in alleviating some of the pain points. Beekeeper, the employee communication platform for hospitality, plans to discuss “Technology Must-Haves in The Next Normal”. The meeting will be on September 22nd at 10:00 a.m.

Andrada Paraschiv, Beekeeper head of hospitality, stated that it’s a challenging time to be a hotel operator. Many workers are learning new ways to perform tasks that were once routine while wearing multiple hats.

However, technology shortens the learning curve for employees, while simultaneously helping those operating with limited resources to do much more with much less.

Hoteliers can get the right operating procedures to the workers at the right time by digitalizing the hotel workforce. That guarantees the right result while freeing up time for supervisors who can spend that time elevating the guest experience.

Paraschiv also added that hoteliers need tools that facilitate transparent communication between management and staff to bolster employee engagement and morale. Furthermore, they need digital checklists that make the lives of supervisors, housekeepers, and managers easier on many levels to free up time, as well as offer visibility into the cleaning status of state-regulated common areas.

 How can hotels achieve such results?

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Hospitality technology leaders from Lua and SalesBoost plan to discuss some of the tools every hotelier needs on the road to recovery. The first topic they will tackle is the communication’s problem. Effective communication is critical to reach all employees in real-time and give them information about new processes and safety regulations.

Tyler Afflixio, Beekeeper senior account executive, thinks it’s vital to have a single, digital point of contact for a hotel’s frontline workforce. According to him, placing all communications and tools in one hub will enable teams to improve business agility, safety, and productivity.

Hotels can leverage easy-to-use and highly-adopted mobile platform to share important information with all employees instantly. Furthermore, they can choose language and measure who will see the information.

Employees can be trained more quickly by using videos, sending quizzes, and reminders. And everyone can easily comply with physical distancing requirements by digitizing information flows, checklists, forms, and documents.

Hugh O’Flanagan, Lua CEO, plans to introduce Lua, a workflow tool. It can help housekeeping teams perform better through on-demand information and guidance.

In Lua, cleaning or housekeeping managers can assign rooms and public areas across teams, as well as inspect the work before check-in, unlock data to improve operations, log comments, and maintenance issues. Cleaning team members can easily sign-in and access custom cleaning workflows and checklists within the Beekeeper app.

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