New technologies for the travel industry for post-Covid-19

New technologies for the travel industry for post-Covid-19

The world has become exceedingly reliant on technology since the Covid-19 outbreaks. The pandemic crisis forced us to lean even more heavily on the digital sphere to work, study, transact and socialize remotely during the strict lockdowns.

As a result, lots of tech firms attempted to develop and offer their clients more advanced products. Skyroam is a global mobile WiFi provider. The company aims to provide a fast, reliable internet connection to both businesses and individuals.

Its products are useful for the travel industry as well. This sector suffered more than others after the virus outbreaks. However, the innovation of new touchless technologies can compensate for social distancing requirements. Considering that accommodating pandemic-era hygiene considerations has been crucial for companies if they wanted to remain in business, that’s a critical point. When the sector begins the real recovery, we will likely find out that operations changed permanently by the experience.

There are various technologies that coronavirus has inspired the hospitality and travel industries to adopt. Most of them promise to continue well into the future. Skyroam’s area of expertise comes in the first place there, considering portable WiFi access’ importance. There are the legions of workers that have already begun working remotely during the pandemic.

Contactless Check-In will become available

Transportation and hospitality providers have increased capabilities for contactless and mobile check-in during the Covid-19 pandemic. That helps to instil guests’ confidence across the board as it minimizes interpersonal interactions and shared touchpoints. Airports, hotels, theme parks, train stations, etc., have created new mobile apps that enable users to check-in, order and pay for services. And they can do all that on their own device.

How do multi-capable hotspots work?

Skyroam offers portable and self-contained 4G LTE WiFihotspot gadgets. They enable travellers to work and play online from anywhere. The device provides coverage throughout the United States and even outside the country. 

There is also the Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot, which provides fast and secure internet connections. Furthermore, you can share internet on up to ten devices, and it has flexible service plans. The product has other useful travel features as well, among them remote camera and smart assistant capabilities. It is chargeable, so you can use it as a power bank for your phone.

Thermal technology – another convenient development

Thermal video screening technology is another innovation, which moved to the forefront amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Airports utilized it to detect passengers with elevated temperatures. The travel industry may better protect guests and employees if the companies install this technology more broadly.