NETINT added new Video Transcoding Technology in the Nimbix

NETINT added new Video Transcoding Technology in the Nimbix

NETINT Technologies announced the deployment of its video transcoding technology in the Nimbix Cloud. Nimbix is one of the leading providers of purpose-built cloud computing for HPC, Video Processing, Machine Learning, Simulation, and Deep Learning applications. Its advanced cloud platform, JARVICE™, supports public, private, and hybrid cloud models spanning multiple data centers and regions.

Nimbix is actively using NETINT’s Codensity™ video processing technology. This technology features low-latency, high-quality, real-time, scalable transcoding for video streaming. Furthermore, NETINT’s Codensity T408 transcoder offers operational benefits for cloud computing providers, as well as their customers.

Cloud computing platforms offer more flexibility. That’s why Content Distributors welcomed them on the market. Nimbix and other Cloud compute platforms provide Content Distributors a means to spin up compute resources to meet immediate processing needs rapidly.

NETINT’s Codensity technology boosts compute density for video encoding applications. This boost in density expands the number of channels that can be encoded in a data center. However, it doesn’t require the increase of the server footprint size, which means savings in both power and facility HVAC costs. Additionally, there are much less operational expenses, and the total cost of ownership reduces as well. With the T408’s U.2 module form factor, you can easily install them into existing servers. This creates a simple upgrade path for data center operators.

Furthermore, Codensity enabled compute nodes feature unique capabilities optimized for video encoding applications, including low latency and real-time encoding. That makes NETINT’s technology ideal for applications such as cloud gaming and live streaming. 

What are NETINT’s technology’s other advantages?

NETINT added new Video Transcoding Technology in the Nimbix

Compared to other software and hardware-based encoding solutions, NETINT’s Codensity encoding technology features best-in-class image quality. This high-quality encoding enables Content Distributors to utilize Nimbix’s cloud-based encoding platform in a broader range of applications, including AI acceleration, cloud-gaming, surveillance, mobile social video, live streaming, video conferencing, AR/VR, and OTT/IPTV.

Additionally, Codensity encoding technology is compatible with FFmpeg, which is an open-source suite of video processing tools. As a result, Content Distributors can easily integrate Nimbix’ Codensity compute platform into their existing encoding infrastructure.

The demand for streaming content continues to grow. So, support for new emerging technologies, including 8K and HDR10+, becomes critical. But Codensity supports both HDR10+ and 8K, which makes it much easier to use this technology.

Steve Hebert, the chief executive officer at Nimbix, stated that cloud computing continues to gain traction in the marketplace due to its end-user advantages. Among these advantages are increased agility, and operational flexibility through scalable access to cloud-based compute resources.

Content distributors have utilized cloud-based video encoding as a cost-effective means of meeting increased consumer demand. Thus, NETINT’s Codensity video encoding technology, with its real-time, high-quality, low latency, encoding has given customers an option to scale video processing capacity and lower their total cost of ownership simultaneously.

Tao Zhong, the chief executive officer of NETINT Technologies, also noted that Content Distributors need a scalable video encoding solution that easily scales as demand rises.

If consumers use Nimbix’s cloud-based encoding platform, they will have to pay a lower total ownership cost. They will also get the flexibility and agility they need to adapt to dynamic market conditions.

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