NASA: Climate-focused startup technology incubator launch

NASA: Climate-focused startup technology incubator launch

Regarding “going green,” NASA technology is already at work all around you. The companies technologies serve to support the space agency’s mission operations. Scientists largely use the tech on Earth for Earth. It ensures better water conservation, improved renewable energy storage, and even toxic chemical remediation.

FedTech and NASA’s Technology Transfer Expansion program have joined forces to provide entrepreneurs with NASA technologies to solve climate-related issues and make them available for commercialization. FedTech specializes in linking business owners with technology from federal labs. The NASA FedTech Startup Studio teams entrepreneurs for entrepreneurial training to create new goods and services with agency patents available for licensing.

Technology selection and entrepreneur recruitment are underway for the series to begin in June. According to the plan, participants will work in teams for 16 weeks. After that, they will present their final company proposals to judges chosen by T2X and FedTech. The showcase event will take place in Wilmington, Delaware, in October.

T2X uses strategic alliances, entrepreneurship, and interaction with academics to hasten the commercialization of NASA-developed technologies and the development of new businesses. The NASA Technology Transfer program is where T2X fits in.

Guiding entrepreneurs through the business launch process with the help of FedTech

The Startup Studio will guide the participants through the difficulties of starting a business. FedTech is going to manage the program on behalf of NASA. To obtain a competitive advantage and succeed, FedTech will assist the participants in developing all kinds of skills. For instance, the participants will learn how to identify customers and create business models. Besides, FedTech will touch on the topic of investment funding. Throughout the course of the program, business mentors will also be available as sources of qualified counsel.

In order to form dynamic and complementary teams, people will pick a channel that is in accordance with their aptitudes, skills, and background. The Startup Studio will employ NASA-generated technologies such as wind turbines, garbage control, environmental surveillance, solar energy, and others to guide their teams through the development of their business plans.

According to Robyn Brazzil, a partner at FedTech, now is the perfect opportunity for any budding entrepreneur to launch their own enterprise. This is because of all the attention that is currently being paid to climate technology. This startup studio will open up significant doors and support building on productive cohorts. In the past, NASA developed new enterprises based on tested technologies. Now, it is time to bring them into practice.

Previous NASA FedTech Startup Studios have spawned a number of new businesses. Additionally, previous contestants have participated in the virtual NASA Startup Feature Series and ABC’s Shark Tank.