MyHeritage created AI tool to reanimate old family photos

MyHeritage created AI tool to reanimate old family photos

New technologies are flourishing thanks to various companies around the world. Interestingly, an online genealogy company MyHeritage that offers DNA testing much like 23andMe, unveiled a new AI-powered tool called “Deep Nostalgia”. Let’s have a look at this service.

“Deep Nostalgia” is a service that animates still photos. This service has become the main character on Twitter on Sunday. As a reminder, to create this completely automated tool, an online genealogy company partnered with a company called D-ID. This company created an algorithm that creates these animated videos out of old images.

Importantly, MyHeritage’s tool uses D-ID’s deep learning technology to automatically animate still old images. It is worth mentioning that, the tool developed by an online genealogy company, is similar to the iOS Live Photos feature, which adds a few seconds of video to help smartphone photographers find the best shot.

However, this AI-powered service can take photos from any camera and bring them to life. Interestingly, the program uses pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and applies the one that works best for the still photo in question.

Its intended purpose is to allow customers to upload photos of deceased loves ones and see them in “action”. People should keep in mind that, users have to sign up for a free account on MyHeritage and then upload a photo. Based on the information provided by the company, it does provide the photos to any third parties.


Several details about MyHeritage’s service

However, the technology is not ideal. As a reminder, there some limitations to the technology. For instance, if there is more than one person in an old photo, a user can only animate one individual. Furthermore, the animations are limited to the head, face, as well as neck.

As stated above, people have the opportunity to use this technology free of charge. However, users can upload five photos for free to the MyHeritage website for Deep Nostalgia treatment, after that, customers have to register for a paid account.

Importantly, the service will automatically use its already-existing AI-powered photo tools to clean up an image. An online genealogy company created an interesting tool in cooperation with a company called D-ID. It is not surprising that Deep Nostalgia gained popularity among users. This tool is not perfect. Nevertheless, it makes sense to use this AI-powered service. As can be seen from the information mentioned above, thanks to new technologies it is possible to reach various goals.

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