More Wins For Bux – Secures A Cyprus License

More Wins For Bux – Secures A Cyprus License

Bux, an Amsterdam-based brokerage company, has been granted a Cypriot license, a ticket that accords the firm a go-ahead to offer services from Cyprus.

With over 650,000 clients, Bux has been making it easy and affordable for Europeans to do more with their money since 2014. Earlier on, Bux offered contracts for differences products regulated by FCA. Its flagship platform, Bux Zero, makes commission-free investing accessible and affordable for both first-time and existing investors. This formula paves a wide way for investors to invest in a large suite of shares ETFS they can care about.

The broker also plans to extend CFDs trading services within Europe. The full range of Bux products, including Bux Crypto which allows users to invest in real crypto, and BUX X, where users can trade in contracts for difference CFDs, are available across multiple countries in Europe.

“BUX is a well-established and respected brand in Europe. BUX continues to differentiate itself within the CFD space, and with its strong growth plans, I look forward to working with the talented team and bringing BUX X to the next level,” Nahas said.

Bux is backed by Tencent, Prosus Ventures, Velocity Capital FinTech Ventures, and other prominent international venture firms.


New Takeoff On Board

To sharpen up the offer, Bux brought onboard a new Managing Director to foresee Cyprus CFDs operations. Jeans-Raphael Nahas, the named new MD was executing his duties at Finteractive before joining BUX.

In addition, the said MD has greatly showcased his skills in IMS Markets as an Executive Director and CEO for a short period. Nahas is well-equipped with financial and market dynamics from his previous managing skills execution in renowned industries.

Posting his position to operate as the BUX’s European CFDs businesses monitor comes as a second offer after his service at Cypriot financial services firm, FX88 Earlier on.

In a statement, BUX CFD CEO, Salim Sebbata stated “BUX is looking forward to bringing on board someone with Jean-Raphael’s track record of driving growth, business development opportunities and heading operational management.”

“BUX’s CFD business is in a pivotal moment of development as we continue to build on the strong momentum of interest in the world of online trading.”