Mitek and Pixelworks May Gain in 2020. What about Orion?

Mitek and Pixelworks May Gain in 2020. What about Orion?

Tech stocks take over a large chunk of the stock market. While there are giants, such as Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, etc., some tech stocks operate at a moderately slower pace. But they are striving forward nonetheless. Unlike major techs, little stocks are often more volatile. Despite that, traders sometimes may gain more from small tech stocks, than from big ones.

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Mitek Systems’ shares have skyrocketed by 185% in the past five years. The company uses artificial intelligence to help various enterprises and financial institutions verify a user’s identity during digital transactions. According to experts, the stock may rise by 21.4% to $0.51 per share on 18.3% higher revenues in 2020. Additionally, they also expect a 15% top and bottom-line growth next year.

This stock has great potential, as more than 6,500 organizations worldwide embedded Mitek Systems solutions into the apps. And over 80 million consumers use them to perform tasks such as mobile check deposit. Mitek Systems trades at $9.67 per share at present.

Pixelworks provides custom application-specific integrated circuits solutions, software, and visual display processing semiconductors. It also works on smartphones, tablets, OTA streaming devices, and digital projection systems.

Pixelworks’ earnings estimates rose by 8% during the fourth quarter. Analysts expect that its sales will increase by 9% and 15%, respectively, in 2020 and 2021. The stock is trading at $4.48 per share presently.

Orion Energy Systems is another profitable company. Its third-quarter fiscal 2020 revenue surged forward by 110%. Moreover, the company is actively expanding its sales team presently to go after other large accounts throughout the U.S.

Orion Energy Systems produces high quality LED lighting products. The firm’s turnkey energy project solutions, which feature controls and integrated IoT capabilities, are very popular with some enterprise customers. Long-term, analysts expect OESX’s fiscal 2020 revenue will climb 135% from $66 million to $155 million. The stock’s current price is $5.74 per share.