Middle Eastern Countries are Using Artificial Intelligence

Middle Eastern Countries are Using Artificial Intelligence

Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are countries of the Middle East. The List includes the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. They are stepping up the use of tools of artificial intelligence to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, they use increasingly deploying sophisticated technology, ensuring that social distancing is in place and movement is limited. They do it using robots, speed cameras, and drones.

Throughout the pandemic, artificial intelligence can also help businesses work more efficiently.

Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council step up to use artificial intelligence tools for halting the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The GCC Governments include the countries of the middle east. The states are the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. They have enacted the strictest measures, including suspending passenger flights and imposing curfews on citizens. Moreover, it is to put a brake on the number of new cases of COVID-19. The cases total over 2 million (2,064,115) globally. The information is according to the data of Johns Hopkins University.

Nevertheless, countries do not restrict their efforts for simplifying imploring their residents to stay locked in. Moreover, they are shutting down all but the most essential of businesses.

To ensure that social distancing is in place and movement is limited, they increasingly deployed sophisticated technology. The advanced technology includes robots, speed cameras, and drones.

Governments can monitor those who have tested positive for coronavirus by applying location-based contract tracing. Thus, they can limit their exposure to the population.

Artificial Intelligence in Help of the Lockdown

Artificial intelligence can crunch massive amounts of data. It allowed governments worldwide to collect information to try and stop the pandemic. Contract-tracing has allowed Singapore, Hong Kong, and China to monitor cases.

Artificial Intelligence

Meanwhile, companies are grappling with what might be a controversial violation of privacy issues. Nevertheless, many countries have found it to be the key to lift lockdown measures.

An application called ‘BeAware’ allows residents tracking proximity to someone with COVID-19, in Bahrain. The app is using location data for alerting individuals in the event they approach an active case.

Mohammed Ali AlQaed is chief executive of information & eGovernment Authority in Bahrain. He told CNBC that BeAware registration is mandatory for those in quarantine. Meanwhile, non-quarantined cases might choose to register.

According to Hopkins data, Bahrain has reported 1.671 cases. It was one of the first to start easing restrictions. Thus, it allowed some malls and stores to reopen.

Thus, artificial intelligence helps businesses to work more efficiently throughout the pandemic.

Majed M. Al Tahan is co-founder & MD of Danube Online. He told CNBC that the Saudi-based supermarket and hypermarket chain is using artificial intelligence for minimizing delivery time.

Moreover, packers can locate items in an online customer’s order, using ‘aisle-mapping’ technology. It is tracked around stores utilizing the application.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia extended its curfew indefinitely, and the country is remaining in total lockdown. According to Hopkins data, on Thursday, Saudi Arabia has reported the highest number of cases in the GCC-5,862.

All in all, technology is very helpful. Let’s hope the world will cope with the situation soon.



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