Microsoft Will Unveil its Latest Operating System on June 24

Microsoft Will Unveil its Latest Operating System on June 24

In two weeks, Microsoft will host an important event where it will unveil the future of its Windows operating system. It seems that in an effort to prevent leaks, the tech giant paused all Windows preview build updates of the event slated for June 24. Many fans as well as members of the press effectively dubbed Sun Valley Windows 11. Furthermore, it is easier to use Windows 11 as opposed to Windows 10 Sun Valley.

At the moment, the tech giant will be releasing the latest cumulative updates (LCU) as opposed to previewing builds, in what officials say is needed to fix bugs in pre-release builds. There won’t be any new builds for another two weeks. The company is likely also taking this time to migrate everything over the latest update.

It is hard to tell what we can expect from the latest operating system. It will most likely upend the entire user experience, including from the settings page to the Start menu. The new operating system will also reportedly integrate elements of Microsoft’s now-defunct Windows 10X operating system.

Microsoft and the name of its new operating system

The company is working hard to make its latest operating system user-friendly. But what we do not know is what this new and improved version of Windows will be called. There are several versions, including Windows 365, Windows OS, or simply “Windows”. But so far most of the clues point to Windows 11.

In one way this makes sense as it will help Microsoft to move away from some of the negativity that surrounds its previous operating system. Nonetheless, in the past, the company said that Windows 10 will be the “last” version of Windows. The tech giant has the chance to change the name of its operating system.

Another clue surfaced which suggests that the company might be planning to adopt a macOS-style naming convention with future versions of its software.

Its rival Apple gives new updates of its OS a geographic tag. An addition recently found in some Microsoft metadata (and later removed) suggests that the company may choose Sun Valley. Analysts, as well as customers, will have to wait for another two weeks to learn more about the name of the operating system.