Meta to Open Metaverse-Themed Store in San Francisco

Meta to Open Metaverse-Themed Store in San Francisco

The Facebook parent company, Meta, a social media giant, open a retail store on the San Francisco Peninsula, which will offer hardware for virtual reality space. In a statement Monday, Meta said it would open a retail store in Burlingame, California, on May 9th. It aims to provide interactive demos of the company’s hardware products, Including virtual reality headphones, video communication screens, and smart glasses. The store will locate on the Meta Campus; a wall-to-wall curved LED display will show what users see using Meta headphones.

The Meta Store aims to help people connect with how products might be the gateway to Metaverse in the future, said the store manager. The purpose of this is not to sell in a Metaverse store. But also to inform and interest people, also learn more about how these products will help you connect with them.

Meta Store

In October 2021, It transformed Facebook into Meta. In fact, the firm’s focus expanded beyond social media. It later announced the Metaverse vision to connect online social experiences and the physical world. Tech giants, including Apple, have brick-and-mortar stores across the globe; About 2.9 billion Facebook users did not have access to the company’s retail store; Since its founding of the company in 2004.

However, many firms in Metaverse acquire virtual properties. Electronics giant Samsung opened a meta-store in the blockchain-based world of Decentraland in January. It is also suggested that large retailers such as Walmart are also preparing for Meta.

It’s hard to resist the vision twisted by Meta and other virtual world platforms. This is especially true when we consider that these platforms are described as the most significant technological breakthrough for human life and the multi-trillion-dollar opportunity for business. However, there is skepticism among some that all this is too good to be true, anyway, at this point.