Max Keiser: Bitcoin Might Help and Alter the Currencies

Max Keiser: Bitcoin Might Help and Alter the Currencies

Keiser has long championed BTC (Bitcoin). He thinks it is an escape route from the knock-on effects of fiat inflation.

Bitcoin represents the antithesis of centrally controlled money. This is because of its decentralized network and unalterable, fixed emission.

BTC/USD has shown to rise in step with central banks’ inflating balance sheet. Nevertheless, it remains susceptible to United States dollar performance. That is what Cointelegraph reported.

Keiser pointed out on September 22 that Bitcoin and Gold are inversely correlated to the United States Dollar. Nevertheless, they are not connected with the stock market.

Also, Bitcoin promotes so-called low-time-preference living, beyond its technical prowess. Saving money is one of its advantages. Moreover, it is safe in the knowledge that its value will not be inflated away over time.


Saifedean Ammous wrote the famous book ‘The Bitcoin Standard’. He explained that it ultimately allows for the quicker and better advancement of society in time than to spend money as quickly as possible on as much as possible.

Herbert and Keiser noted that the decision of MicroStrategy to put over four-hundred million dollars of cash reserves into Bitcoin was proof of the low-time-preference mindset encroaching on big business.

Moreover, the Central Bank of Singapore admits that more debt is not an option for anyone. Keiser warned, after that, that earth reaches a historic inflection point.

The RT host warned that reaching a new ‘inflection point,’ the central banks are responsible for the global debt. That is what the Keiser Report TV show said in the latest edition on September 22.

He said that we are at a saturation point.

Keiser, together with co-host Stacy Herbert, referred to comments from the central bank of Singapore, the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). Monetary Authority of Singapore, last week, warned that copying recovery methods of the economy after World War Two (WWII) would not network in 2020.

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