Major cryptos rallied on Sunday. How much did they gain?

Major cryptos rallied on Sunday. How much did they gain?

Bitcoin edged up by 0.64% to $7,747.3 on Monday. After a bullish start of the day, the crypto rallied from an early morning low of $7,697.7 to a high of $7,756.0. Bitcoin broke through the 38.2% FIB of $7,730, even though it steered clear of the major support and resistance levels.

However, other cryptos fluctuated this morning. Binance Coin and Monero’s XMR gained 0.85% and 0.82%, respectively. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash SV lowered by 0.63%.

Several cryptos ended the last week in the green. Bitcoin jumped up by 2.11% on Sunday. Before that, it also gained 0.40% on Saturday and ended the week going up by 7.91% to $7,697.9.

After a bullish start of the day, Bitcoin soared from an early morning low of $7,522.3 to an early afternoon high of $7,697.8 on Sunday. The crypto managed to break through the first major resistance level at $7,675.67 before dropping to a late intraday low of $7,473.5. Despite the sell-off, it also steered clear of the first major support level at $7,425.67.

However, Bitcoin found late support and broke back through the first major resistance level, striking a final hour intraday high of $7,697.9.

What about other major cryptocurrencies? 

Almost all major cryptos ended in the green on Sunday, except Tezos, which fell by 3.26%. Cardano’s ADA gained the most, surging forward by 8.75%.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash ABC soared by 3.06%, while Bitcoin Cash SV added 1.60%, and EOS rose by 1.76%.

Ethereum, Monero’s XMR, and Ripple’s XRP also rose by 1.75%, 1.26%, and 1.15%, respectively, with Tron’s TRX gaining 1.91%.

Several other digital coins trailed behind, increasing moderately. Binance Coin edged up by 0.80%, while Litecoin added 0.52%, and Stellar’s Lumen climbed up by 0.50%.

All in all, Cardano’s ADA, Stellar’s Lumen, and Tezos skyrocketed by 29.34%, 27.11%, and 23.29%, respectively, during the week. Ethereum jumped by 9.73%, and Monero’s XMR gained 7.28%, with Tron’s TRX rallying by 10.34%.

The crypto total market cap soared from the Tuesday low of $196.98bn to a Sunday high of $222.11bn during the week. The total market cap stood at $221.68bn on Monday.

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