Major cryptos gained on Tuesday. What about Wednesday?

Major cryptos gained on Tuesday. What about Wednesday?

Bitcoin rose by 0.29% to $6,869.6 on Wednesday. It experienced a mixed start to the day. The crypto fell to an early morning low $6,826.2 before hitting a high $6,892.4. However, it left the major support and resistance levels untested so far.

The crypto gained on Tuesday as well, jumping by 0.19% and ending the day at $6,850.0 after it slid by 4.14% on Monday. Bitcoin rose to an early morning high $6,923.0 after a relatively bullish start of the day. However, it hit reverse after falling short of the major resistance levels and dropped to a late morning intraday low $6,770.1.

Even though it steered clear of the first major support level at $6,657.03, the crypto rallied to a late afternoon intraday high $6,958.8. But after it fell short of the first major resistance level at $7,127.33, Bitcoin lowered to sub-$6,900 on Tuesday.

What about other cryptocurrencies?

Several major cryptos fluctuated on Wednesday. Stellar’s Lumen and Tezos gained the most, adding 1.63% and 1.61%, respectively. On the other hand, Binance Coin lowered by 0.12%. Bitcoin Cash ABC and EOS also declined by 0.17% and 0.07%, respectively.

Stellar’s Lumen rose by 1.52% on Tuesday as well, while Cardano’s ADA soared by 2.15%. Most of the cryptos ended Tuesday’s trading in the green. Binance Coin added 1.07%, and Bitcoin Cash ABC increased by 1.12%, while Litecoin gained 1.09%, and Tezos jumped by 1.06%.

Other digital coins saw relatively modest gains. EOS edged up by 0.74%, with Ethereum rising by 0.40% and Monero’s XMR adding 0.78%. Meanwhile, Ripple’s XRP climbed up by 0.89%, and Tron’s TRX soared by 0.84%.

However, Bitcoin Cash SV fell by 0.57%. The crypto total market cap also fell from a Monday high $209.37bn to a Tuesday low $196.98bn over the week. On Wednesday, the total market cap stood at $198.73bn.

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