Louis Vuitton’s Birthday Surprise Is the Game’s New NFTs

Louis Vuitton’s Birthday Surprise Is the Game’s New NFTs

On its 200th anniversary, Louis Vuitton will unveil 10 NFTs in two stores. “Loius the Game” will provide proof profiles (PFP) to players, focusing on Gen Z.

The aesthetic of the NFT was developed in partnership with Beeple’s business Wenew Labs and its sister company, Possible. Louis Vuitton is preparing to release a new series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to commemorate its 200th anniversary, which will take place within the “Louis the Game” mobile app game. The collection, which serves as the highlight of the in-game celebration, comprises many interactive NFTs that allow players to acquire and exchange digital items.

Vuitton’s Glorious Entrance to the Crypto Market

These digital assets are the first real-world products to be gamified and sold with NFTs, allowing Louis Vuitton to enter new markets like crypto-collectibles. On the birthday celebration day, Louis Vuitton intends to present this set of NFTs through its mobile app game. Fashion-come-metaverse fans may enter to win one of ten special Louis Vuitton NFTs by playing the game with the game’s characters. While roaming around and trying to gather them all, players may dress up and stylize the Louis Vuitton gaming avatar “Vivienne” and receive free and educational NFT “postcards.”

Fans who play the game and solve the riddles will enter a lottery to win one of ten different NFTs featuring Vivienne in various LV styles. The NFTs will also be able to be transferred between platforms and used as profile photos. To reach out to younger clients, LV is relying on digital assets.