Legal Battle Between Google and Sonos

Legal Battle Between Google and Sonos

The tech giant Google and Sonos are facing several lawsuits regarding intellectual property theft and copyright infringement. It does not seem like the relationship between Sonos and Google will improve in the near future. As a court case between the companies rages on, interesting information has recently come out. The tech giant stated that technical issues are preventing Google Assistant and Alexa from running side-by-side on the same device. But Sonos does not agree with Google.

Google’s senior public policy director, Wilson White addressed the Senate’s Judiciary antitrust committee this week. White stated that they are trying to balance interoperability with other things the company cares about, and he mentioned user experience, privacy, security. There are some technical issues that prevent Google Assistant and Alexa from operating on the same device.

The company’s position is quite strange, as it is fairly known that Google contractually prevents its partners from offering devices with both Assistant and Alexa running at the same time. Despite the tech giant claiming that there are technical difficulties why this can’t happen, Sonos claims that it has the technology capable of solving problems. Sonos stated that voice interoperability is not a serious issue. Other problems Sonos wants regulators to address, such as selling home products below costs may be more difficult.

Although Sonos clearly has the tech giant in its crosshairs, it wasn’t the only company targeted during the meeting. Sonos’s Chief Legal Officer Eddie Lazarus also criticized Amazon’s voice interoperability initiative as an empty gesture.


Google Nest Audio

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