Laid-Off Workers and Their Problems: Story of Jeffrey Gove

Laid-Off Workers and Their Problems: Story of Jeffrey Gove

Let us talk about the story of Jeffrey Gove.

In mid-March, casinos were ordered to shut down. Thus, thousands of casino workers around Nevada had to stop working.

Yet, many still must return.

Companies claim they try to bring back as many employees as possible. Nevertheless, slow foot traffic has prompted mass layoffs.

The hospitality and leisure sector made up a quarter of Nevada’s total labor market in January. So, the pandemic hit hardest the Nevada’s hospitality and leisure sector. It is according to data from the Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation. Compares with the same time last year, the total number of workers in the industry down sixteen percent in August.

Some laid-off employees could pick up other jobs. Nevertheless, many still struggle to find work and make ends meet.

It is not the first time an economic downfall has upended Jeffrey’s life.

After the height of the Great Recession, in 2010, Gove was let from his job at Planet Hollywood Resort. Thus, he moved to work in IT at an Oklahoma tribal casino. In January 2019, Jeffrey moved back to his hometown of Las Vegas. He started to work there at Boyd Gaming Corp. as an IT product manager.

He has stripped of his job once again in May. It was after he spent a month of furlough.

Gove said that it makes him wonder why he moved back. Then he after that a one year and he is getting kicked out the door.


Gove is still looking for work, four months after being laid off. He has tried to find jobs both out of state and within Las Vegas. Moreover, Gove adds that he is open to lower-level jobs with a fifty percent pay cut. He is ready to make more than the $469 a week he gets through unemployment insurance benefits.

Gove said that there are quite a few jobs out there. Significantly after that, he lowers his expectations. Nevertheless, eighty people are applying for that same job. Gove is fifty-six years old. Most of the jobs want some in their thirties. Thus, Gove fights his battle.

Gove and his family barely live on his insurance of unemployment. Gove’s wife is Lori Gove. Since a car accident in 2006, Lori Gove has been a wheelchair user. Nevertheless, she does not receive disability benefits. The unemployment insurance of Gove is the sole source of income of the couple.

When Gove would make more than four times what he receives on unemployment, Bills were no problem before. Nevertheless, now he has forced to dip into his savings and 401(K).

The biggest priority of Gove is to find a job that offers medical insurance. Even plans through the Affordable Care Act are too expensive, without work. Thus, it leaves a couple without coverage for the past five months.

Gove said that he is looking for jobs like crazy. He must find something because he has got a little saving. He took some money out of the 401(K). Nevertheless, that is just getting them by.

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