Kowela Review

Kowela Review

General Information

Broker Name: Kowela

Broker Type: Forex & CFD

Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating since year: 2021

Regulation: /

Address:  Kingston, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +18008615256

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: No

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit : $2,500

Maximal leverage:  1:400

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes

Kowela Review: Broker Built by investors for investors


If you have been searching for a company with services worldwide, a great platform, quality support, you’ve found a review about the company that might tackle your interest.

Let us present you Kowela – the broker that always offers the best possible investing experience. In fact, the broker believes that there is always a better way to make investments. So, for many years, they have been empowering clients by helping them take control of their investment strategies. Today, the broker is proud to continue to deliver exceptional access to education, resources, and service to help anyone interested in trading pursue their goals with confidence.

It is tough to find a company that considers the diversity of values, cultures, trading experience, and demands of its clients. However, with many years of experience, Kowela offers incredibly flexible trading account types with a wide-ranging choice of trading instruments and beneficial market conditions.

Kowela strives to offer our investors a convenient and fully superlative trading experience. We are devoted to your success by providing various advantageous market conditions, innovative education tools and insights, and well-timed support worldwide.

Here are three reasons why you should consider starting trading with this broker:

  1. Over 1,500 market products to invest
  2. Security and safety of funds
  3. 24/5 monitoring support team


Kowela Review: Trading Conditions and Tools

The trading conditions at Kowela are excellent, starting with fantastic pricing.  The spreads with this broker are low, there are no nasty hidden fees, and most of the trade is transparent. The leverage does not go higher than 1:400.

In addition to its remarkable conditions, the brokerage offers a wonderful array of trading tools. Kowela offers one of the most popular indicator tools for technical analysis trading tool: Fibonacci Calculator.  If you want to get in touch with more data, you can easily find the info you are looking for n the economic calendar.

Kowela makes sure that their tools and instruments provide the most up-to-date and efficient information you might need.


Kowela Review

 Kowela.com and the review of its Proprietary Trading Platform

Overall, the broker offers quite a pleasant and user-friendly online trading platform. One of its most notable characteristics is that it is powerful and multi-asset. Moreover, traders will have an opportunity to invest in international markets with the flagship trading platform, designed for all types of traders. In fact, trading with Kowela is high-speed and convenient.

Thus, if you search for an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful platform, Kowela’s proprietary trading platform is the one.

The award-winning platform gives traders full access to powerful technical charting and fundamental stock research tools. Besides, Kowela offers the most advanced platform, which can be used on different devices, including smartphones and tablets. As a result, you will have a chance to trade any assets you fancy: stocks, energies, currencies, metals, indices, etc.

Intuitive easy to use platform

Mobile Trading with Kowela.com

In addition, to make your trading life even more convenient, the broker offers a mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android systems. Kowela lets you trade with the power of the mobile app in the palm of your hand.

Thus, to sum up, everything we went through now is all the pros of Kowela’s trading platform.

  • Trading and investing in Stocks, Currencies, Indices, and Commodities.
  • Multi-asset coverage.
  • User-friendly and simple to use interface
  • Free market data and news
  • Level II pricing
  • 3 charts types with direct trading from the charts
  • 6 pending order types
  • 38 built-in indicators, 37 graphical objects


Knowledge is a wise investment.

Kowela’s executive team believes that providing information and education to their traders and clients is one of the best services any type of brokerage can offer.  Thus, by combining easy-to-understand information with actionable insights and tools, Kowela actively engages and helps investors make the market seem less daunting and more approachable.


Kowela: Review of Trading Accounts

We have now reached one of the most important parts of the broker company – trading accounts. This is an important section, as it shows how much the brokerage cares about their clients’ diversity, considering the differences between experience, trading levels, and funds. Kowela offers seven account types.

The account typing structure is excellent, allowing any investor a great experience. In addition, the funding is quick, and so is the account creation process, minimizing the timeframe between signing up and investing.

Junior account type is the first account that is suitable for novice investors and traders. It offers Multiple markets, Indices, Energies, Competitive market prices, Multiple language support, and weekly signals. In addition, it provides trades with in-depth investing tools for daily trading.  The started price is 2 500 USD.

The second one is an Advanced account type, with a started deposit of 10 000 USD. It provides traders with low market pricing, fundamental trading materials. Also, it offers more in-depth investing tools and advanced markets, like stocks and energies. This account type will be more suitable for traders with more experience and knowledge in trading. However, intermediate-level knowledge will suffice for this account type.

Following these two is the Investor account type. This one is more sophisticated and will satisfy the traders of higher expertise levels. The starting price for the account is 50 000 USD. It provides clients with low market pricing, multiple execution orders, 24/5 multi-language support, and daily technical and main materials.

Kowela Review: account types

Kowela review: Higher Level Account Types

Following the standard trio of account types: beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, come more advanced accounts;  Trader, Trader Pro, VIP, and VIP pro. These accounts are exclusively for investors and clients who know exactly what they are doing.

Trader Account types offer its clients advanced global market instruments and complex charting and indicators. The starting deposit is 100 000 USD. If you choose this account, you won’t regret it as it will provide you with a customized trading portfolio, low market pricing, multiple executive orders, and 24/5 multi-language support. The only difference that Trading pro has with its predecessor is that it offers Islamic account options, and its deposit reaches 250 000 USD.

We have reached VIP account type, with the minimum deposit of 1 000 000 USD; it offers Islamic Account options and sophisticated investment resources, and advanced execution orders. Now when it comes to the VIP Pro, it comes with an exquisite array of benefits.

VIP Pro Account Type

  • Invitations to market events
  • Personalized market offers
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Customized trading portfolio
  • Customized investing materials
  • Thousands of market products
  • All-inclusive daily trading tools
  • Daily comprehensive analysis
  • Complex charting and indicators
  • Low and allotted market pricing
  • Sophisticated investment resources
  • Advanced execution orders
  • 24-hour market assistance

So what are you waiting for?  Open an account with Kowela, connect with more than 1 500 market products, and experience a reliable and fast trading system.


Kowela.com: Review of Customer Support

Now, every once in a while, anyone can stumble upon an issue that might seem unresolvable. However, Kowela got you covered. In case of need, you can always count on their customer service. After some inspection, we found out that the broker is always there to assist and guide their customers, doing all they to help you succeed.

Kowela’s client support team can assist you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

There are three main options that you can use to reach customer support:

First, send an email to [email protected] – For existing or prospective account inquiries, send an email message to Kowela’s client account management team.

Give a call on +18008615256 – In case you need an immediate response, the broker’s customer care team is here to help answer all of the questions over the phone.

Chat with us – For help and troubleshooting on how to get the most out of our services, talk with our chat representative. You can reach the chat through the online live chat option.

There is also an additional option for beginner traders.  If you are a beginner thus searching for some guidance, Kowela will happily provide you with a professional representative to help you with our market services. That’s an exceptional option for novice traders who are still a bit shy to act independently.

Kowela.com: Review of Customer Support

What do we think: Final Broker review thoughts

Overall, it is quite pleasant to meet such a competent and sophisticated broker as Kowela.
In this Kowela review we are glad to say that, in a way, kowela.com has exceeded our expectations. The broker has a wonderful array of trading products, attentive customer service, and a fast proprietary platform.

Clients can select from seven main trading account types with a lot of great trading features. In addition, Kowela.com provides an impressive range of research materials available on the platform, including daily market and chart analysis, news, fundamental trading materials, signals, and more.

Risk Warning.  After reading this review and making your own decision, please consider that trading involves significant risk and may result in capital loss. Let us remind you that spending your hard-earned money on something quite risky is not the best way to manage your funds. The leveraged nature of forex trading means that any market movement will have an equally proportional effect on your deposited funds. This may work against you as well as for you. So make sure you do understand the risk involved. The right education and proper training are an absolute must if you want to be a trader.