Kidnap of the fraudster Canadian crypto whiz

Kidnap of the fraudster Canadian crypto whiz

Canada’s self-proclaimed crypto king Aiden Pleterski, who is accused of defrauding investors and suffering tens of millions of dollars in losses, was allegedly kidnapped in the middle of a December night. Abductors tortured him for three days as he asked his landlord to pay a $3 million ransom.

Reports revealed that Aiden Pleterski allegedly defrauded investors of $29 million. Supposedly he used a majority of the funds for extravagant holidays, fancy cars, and private planes.

A 750-page escrow report on Aiden Pleterski’s bankruptcy proceedings contains allegations that abductors kidnapped the 20-year-old from downtown Toronto in December.

Rob Stelzer, the liquidator on the case, told CTV News Toronto that Toronto police told him about the kidnapping of Pleterski.

CTV News Toronto reported that transcripts from court hearings with Pleterski’s landlord and father detail the allegations.

“He was taken. Essentially, they held him for about three days, took him to different parts of southern Ontario, tortured him, beat him and allowed him only to make certain calls with certain people.” His father said in court in December. And he was not one of those he could contact.

The landlord said that Pleterski told him he could not call anyone. Moreover, he demanded a ransom of $3 million from him. And Pleterski said that there was absolutely nothing he could do.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation also announced a court document about the release of Pleterski three days late.

Toronto police did not answer questions about the identity of the alleged kidnappers or their arrests.


All of Pleterki’s defrauding scheme

  • $29 million that Pleterski owes the investors
  • His lawyer suggests he ran a Ponzi scheme for his clients, using investments made by some clients to generate false returns for others
  • Trustees examining the scheme indicate that Pleterski invested only about $485,00, or less than 2% of the total funds
  • The report also states that Pleterski spent approximately $362,000 in a warehouse where he hid the remaining cash

The government official overseeing the investigation wants to sell the Pleterski property and return the money to the investors.

Pleterski’s parents also benefited from their son’s scheme. They agreed to return the Audi S5 and Volkswagen Atlas to escrow and pay $812,000 by June 30 in participation with the bankruptcy proceedings.