Joe Biden Warns U.S Firms – Risks of Russia’s Cyber Attack

Joe Biden Warns U.S Firms – Risks of Russia’s Cyber Attack

On Monday, President Joe Biden advised American corporations to step up cybersecurity practices. Intelligence reports indicate that Russia is looking for potential attacks. The reference came almost a month later, Which Russian troops invaded Ukraine in the war, During which more than 900 people died, including 39 children.

According to the President, Russia may carry out a malicious cyber activity against the U.S., including in response to the unprecedented economic costs that the West imposed on Russia, along with its allies and partners. This is part of a Russian toy book. In fact, the administration reiterates warnings based on emerging intelligence that the Russian government is investigating potential cyber-attack options.

Biden cited White House guidelines for preventing cyberattacks, recommending using multifactorial authentication to prevent attackers’ systems from being easily accessed. The White House also offered companies to create and back up data backups, update passwords, Also update devices with the latest security fixes. According to the statement, everyone must contribute to meet one of the defining threats of the 21st century. The president called on corporations to be vigilant to prevent or mitigate a possible attack.

Joe Biden and Russia

According to the U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser on Cyber ​​Issues, it is impossible to predict adversaries will attack critical infrastructure in advance. Nevertheless, the federal government held secret briefings for hundreds of companies last week. It is a specific preparatory activity. However, the industries that may harm aren’t known.

HubSpot, an American software company, said Friday that the company had an attack. The firm suspects the attack’s aim at cryptocurrency clients. In fact, HubSpot didn’t identify the attacker. Last month, Microsoft said it was sharing cyber security information with the U.S. government. The company saw attacks on civilian and military facilities in Ukraine. However, they didn’t attribute to Russia or any other actors. A State Department spokesman said the Russians knew the price would be high if they used their capabilities to target critical infrastructure, sectors of strategic importance.