Iran’s yearly non-oil exports have increased by 10%

Iran’s yearly non-oil exports have increased by 10%

The spokesman for the Trade Development Committee of the Iranian House of Industry, Mining, and Trade made an announcement last week. The announcement contained information regarding the value of Iran’s non-oil exports.

The exports increased by 10% in the previous Iranian calendar year, 1401. The year ended on March 20th.

Ruhollah Latifi said Iran exported 122.056M tons of non-oil commodities worth $53.166B last year.

According to the official, China was the top destination for Iranian goods in 1401, taking up the first five spots. With $14.584B in commodity purchases, Iraq with $10.238B, Turkey with $7.459B, the UAE with $5.767B, and India with $2.146B.

Latifi also stated that Iran received 37.18M tons of non-oil commodities worth $59.655B. Therefore, the import rate decreased by 10% and increased by 13% in value.

Besides, the UAE was the first of five countries to supply goods to Iran in 1401. The sales came up to $18.395B (11% growth). Trades with China equaled $15.744B (24% growth). Turkey – $6.99B (15% growth), India with $2.019B (80% growth), and Germany with $2.019B (5% growth).

The officials reported the country’s non-oil commerce reached 159.236M tons. The amount was worth $112.821B in the previous year. Therefore, it represents an 11.2% increase year on year.

Iran set a non-oil trade record in 1400, unprecedented in recent decades

According to the former head of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Customs Administration (IRICA), the value of Iran’s non-oil commerce increased by 38% in the Iranian year 1400.

In that year, Alireza Moqadasi estimated the country’s non-oil commerce at 162M tons worth $100B.

He stated that Iran exported 122M tons of non-oil items worth $48B in 2014. It comes to a $14B (41%) increase over the previous year.

The country set a non-oil trade record in 1400 (Iranian calendar). At that time, Iran experienced the most severe sanctions. The hard work of entrepreneurs, producers, and the coordination of foreign trade-related organizations was duly rewarded with success. In the preceding year, Iran achieved a remarkable accomplishment in history. That was an unprecedented event in recent decades, the official emphasized.