iPhone 14 Life-changing Feature – What to Expect

iPhone 14 Life-changing Feature – What to Expect

The latest iPhone 14 series may be one of the most important in recent years. Since the advent of the iPhone, Apple has added its ports for data transfer and phone charging. However, now it seems that the iPhone wants to switch to USB-C finally.

Apple is reportedly considering replacing the Lightning port on the iPhone 14 with a USB-C port. However, the report says that this change may not affect the entire line of iPhone 14. In the first stage, it is expected that only the Pro and Pro Max variants will be able to switch to USB-C.

Getting a USB-C port from Apple is something that has been said before. It is noteworthy that the company has been facing legal and environmental problems lately. This reason may force the company to scale the USB-C switch.

EU and US authorities have pushed technology brands to normalize the single charger cable standard, U SB-C. This step is becoming more and more potent because of the advantages; Where it helps to reduce e-waste.

iPhone and USB-C

The Apple iPhone series is the only major port to use in its era, where laptops, displays, audio accessories, and tablets have adopted the universal Type-C port design. Apple MacBooks and even their tablets now use the Type-C port. This decides to mount Lightning on iPhones pointless.

iPhone users everywhere have to carry an adapter or Lightning cable. Most of them, another technology is now charged with one USB-C line. This causes inconvenience to accessory manufacturers. They need to get USB-C and ship the device to Android users. In parallel, get Lightning to serve iOS users; Or create separate accessories options for both parties.

Switching to USB-C from next year will give new iPhone buyers more opportunities than ever before. This will be a great benefit, especially for those with other Apple devices, such as the iPad or MacBook, which are now on Type-C USB.


It seems we should expect nice updates from Apple from 2022. The company recently announced that its customers would soon be able to repair Apple devices; From next year, it is planned to sell the necessary tools for replacement and installation of spare parts. It seems that in this way, Apple wants to close an intermediary. Accordingly, the amount that users paid for the repair will go to Apple. The company sells precisely what customers need.

We wonder what the response will be to new initiatives from users. However, the fact is that 2022 will be full of many surprises and opportunities.