Investors Monitor Copper Price Amid Volatility

Investors Monitor Copper Price Amid Volatility

Investors are all eyes on copper price amid the overall volatility in the market.

The industrial commodity fell last week after China announced that it now plans to sell stockpiles.

Analysts receive this update from the metal’s biggest importer as one of the ways that Beijing will resort to pulling prices down.

Precious metals have been on what experts call a “supercycle” as prices surged at an unprecedented rate in the past months.

Along with China’s recent claims, the country’s copper exports in May rose for the third straight month. 

This ignites an overall uncertainty in the market as the world’s largest consumer of copper rarely fulfills such a big batch of international orders.

On the other hand, the United States could counterbalance this slump through the infrastructure deal.

In the latest update from Washington, the bipartisan infrastructure deal is reportedly thriving but significant challenges wait ahead.

The Republicans recently proposed a $1 trillion budget proposal which is only a fourth of what President Biden originally motioned.

Initially, the Democrat leader structured a $4 trillion budget for his thrusts. He said that it would be exhausted towards technologically-driven and green development, automation, support for the poor, among others.

Green development, in particular, will be beneficial for copper as it remains one of the most important components of EVs.

Traders are beginning to take this account into the picture and sent prices upwards for the day.

Copper futures for front-month deliveries hiked by 0.6% on Monday. They touched $9,196.00 a ton before midday break in New York Comex.

This price settlement is still far from its record high performance but has nevertheless prevented the contract from going lower.


Gold Price Recovers from Last Week’s Falls

The future of copper is at risk. However, despite this, analysts from Citigroup Inc noted that the metal’s upward trajectory is still far from over.

Meanwhile, in an update on the gold price, the bullion managed to open the week with a 0.32% hike.

It currently exchanges hands at $1,788.65 per ounce as investors await Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony scheduled on Tuesday.

In a recent statement, Powell finally acknowledged the public’s apprehension towards the unprecedented rise in the consumer price index last month.

This signal from the policymaker lifted speculations that inflation might be a present reality and not merely transitory as initially expected.

This news is beneficial for the non-yielding asset, especially that it is a favorite safe haven during inflations.

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