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InvestLite Review



Broker Review: InvestLite


General Information

InvestLite is a versatile broker, covering a wide variety of different trading services. The firm opened its virtual doors earlier during the year, and offers all types of assets, from crypto to Forex.

InvestLite is an international firm, aiming to conquer the global market. To reflect that, they have two offices set in distinct geographical locations. One is in the UK, at 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, while the other is in Belize, at 5 Cork Street, Belize City. The dual setup allows for more global availability, along with more convenience features for customers.

InvestLite’s website boasts an excellent design, with static elements showing information and dynamic ones introducing livelihood. There are no overbearing elements, such as pop-ups or advertisements, which lends to the professional atmosphere. The broker largely avoids blowing its own horn, with the available info being objective rather than exaggerated. The site presents information well, as it’s quite simple to find the most common things brokers want to know. Simultaneously, it does well in not generating overload, as it cuts out unnecessary clutter.

The function doesn’t lag behind the form, as the site handles flawlessly. There’s no slowness on the broker’s end, and any delays traders might experience are likely the fault of sub-par internet connection. But while a good website demonstrates seriousness, the trading experience is what counts. InvestLite apparently made no compromises when crafting its trading service, as it’s quite impressive, especially for a newer firm. Here are some of the features we found most attractive:



·         NO FEES

Fees are a method brokers have recently been employing to boost their profits without inputting effort. Typically, they add a small price to deposits, withdrawals, or even the individual trades customers partake in. However small, these fees add up over time, especially if they’re based on percentages rather than a flat fee.  They particularly harm tactics that aim for short-term gains, such as shorting and scalping. Luckily, InvestLite offers an experience free of any additional costs, meaning your earnings depend entirely on how you navigate the market.

·         1:500 LEVERAGE

Leverage is a highly contested point in online trading. Some say you shouldn’t use it at all, others believe that moderate leverage is optimal, and the last group advises you to go all-out. There are experts in each camp, so it’s impossible to say with certainty that one group is right while the others are incorrect. However, a brokerage offering a high leverage rate is always a positive, as it allows for freedom of choice. No matter which camp you belong to, you’ll be able to employ the leverage strategy you consider optimal.


Market analysis is the foundation any successful trader builds upon. Without proper analytical tools, traders would be only slightly better than gamblers. As such, finding a broker that allows you to express your skill through adequate analysis is crucial. InvestLite provides over 30 different tools to analyze the market and investigate the information that analysis yields. That lets traders express their skill and makes it significantly less challenging to create a consistent profit.

Funds Trading and Security


For a new brokerage, InvestLite’s security protocols are surprisingly effective. While most brokerages start off and go a while without any regulation, InvestLite already has a license. It comes from Belize’s IFSC, meaning the potential for any malicious behavior is cut drastically. Regulators in the finance world set strict rules to prevent any sort of damage to customers. Usually, brokers that break those rules are subject to heavy fines, and in more extreme scenarios, a complete company shutdown.

So, the initial security layer is already quite a sturdy one, presenting a financial barrier to misbehavior. However, some brokers have managed to slip some shady practices by regulators and seemingly go unpunished. Naturally, you’d want to prevent that from happening to you, but how do you ensure that?

Sadly, there are no objective ways to guarantee a broker will never attempt to steal from you. However, although it’s subjective, a broker’s reputation often seems to depict its intent accurately. As for InvestLite, it seems to enjoy a great deal of respect among its customers. You can spot many clients online praising the fairness and quality of the service.

As such, InvestLite covers its clients from both the technical and practical sides. That means that as long as you read the terms and adhere to the rules, the broker makes sure to treat you well.

Trading Accounts

Before you need to pay anything, you can sign up for a demo account at InvestLite. The practice account is a deceptively useful tool, as it can significantly benefit experienced traders, but especially newer ones. Inexperienced traders can use demo versions to introduce themselves to trading and learn the ropes before spending money. Otherwise, they might find themselves a few hundred dollars into something that they don’t even enjoy.

After you’re done with trying the service out, you can invest some money and get yourself a live account. The lowest tier is Silver, and it’ll cost you the regular $250. You shouldn’t let the fact that it’s the cheapest fool you, as the account provides quite the service considering its cost. The only things that fall behind the more expensive accounts are leverage and spreads. Some luxury features are also missing, but none of them change the core trading experience.

However, the more expensive accounts don’t fail to reward customer loyalty and higher investment levels. Customers reaching higher tiers will find themselves with a smoother trading experience, along with a few benefits. As it stands, the typing strikes a balance between rewarding loyalty without punishing traders on a budget, which is quite rare to see lately. To help you decide which account is right for you, here is some additional info about each type:



Amount of FX leverage 1:200

Available base currencies:


·         Gold


Amount of FX leverage 1:400

Fifth decimal

Dedicated account manager

Swap discount 25%

Available base currencies:


·         Platinum


Amount of FX leverage 1:500

Fifth decimal

Dedicated account manager

Swap discount 50%

Free VPS

Customized investment news

Available base currencies:


Trading Conditions

As you could probably tell from the account info in our InvestLite review, the trading conditions rival globally established brokerages. The leverage is high, allowing traders to decide how they wish to trade. The spreads are tight regardless of account type, meaning your trading process will be transparent. Additionally, the trading platform is good, and the asset variety allows for trader freedom.

The excellent security features pair well with analytical tools as outside factors that improve the overall experience significantly. Additionally, the deposit and withdrawal methods are plentiful, ensuring traders will experience minimal delays no matter how they decide to input or take out funds.

The Trading Platform

trading platform

We already mentioned that the broker uses a premiere platform. The tool we were talking about was MetaTrader4, one of the most recognized trading platforms globally. The software has had a significant impact on the trading world and remains one of the most widely used solutions to this day. Its success comes from the ability to cater to both newer traders and veterans simultaneously. It achieves that by having an intuitive interface coupled with powerful analytical capabilities.

The platform also comes in two more convenient shapes, the web, and mobile traders. The first lets you access the trading terminal from any desktop by merely opening it up in a browser. That cuts the need to download, making accessing the software on multiple devices simpler. The mobile trader allows for even more mobility, enabling phone or tablet trading with a simple app download.

InvestLite’s Trading Products

We’ve already mentioned the broker’s rich asset selection earlier in our InvestLite review. The total number of trading products comes in at over 350 and is spread over a multitude of different categories. The products cover all the most common modern trading methods. Thus, making the brokerage versatile enough to handle any trader. Here’s a list of the asset sections you can expect to see at InvestLite:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Digital Currencies

Customer Service

InvestLite’s customer service provides the three most common options for contact including the phone line, email, and live chat. That means customers won’t have any trouble reaching the firm to resolve any potential issues or questions. The team works 24/5, so you can contact them at any time of the day.


Phone: +27108807931

Email: [email protected]

customer service


InvestLite is a brokerage that has managed to set up a fantastic service in almost no time at all. While most brokers start off as semi-functional, clunky concepts that might or might not show promise, InvestLite already shows polish. There’s no area you can point out as clearly lacking, as all the broker’s mistakes are minor.

However, a simple lack of weaknesses isn’t enough to make a broker stand out over the cut-throat competition. InvestLite has a versatile set of trading conditions, which should satisfy a wide array of traders. No matter your preferred trading method and tactic, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for with the broker. As such, it’s done enough to earn our confirmation of quality as an all-around top-quality brokerage.

  • Support
  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
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