Instagram launched “Live Rooms” for up to Four speakers

Instagram launched “Live Rooms” for up to Four speakers

Instagram is famous all over the world. Moreover, this photo and video-sharing social networking service want to offer new features. This week, it launched Live Rooms. Let’s have a look at the new feature. Interestingly, the feature allows four people to video chat in a live broadcast, compared to the previous limit of two.

According to the information provided by Instagram, it hopes the feature encourages people to start a talk show or a podcast or collaborate with other creators, etc. This is not the end of the story as going live with more people means the rooms could attract larger audiences.

Interestingly, the followers of everyone participating will see the live room. Moreover, depending on their notifications, be pinged about it. However, anyone blocked by the active participants won’t be able to join the live, though.

Instagram and Clubhouse

Instagram is willing to introduce new features. Let’s get back to its latest feature. It is possible to compare Live Rooms with another interesting social networking app. The Clubhouse is the social audio app that allows people to go live in rooms. As a reminder, more than 10 people can speak at the same time. Furthermore, rooms can reach up to 8,000 people before they are full.

People should keep in mind that, Facebook is reportedly building a direct competitor. However, Instagram Live could capture some people who might be interested in Clubhouse.

At the moment, Clubhouse is only available through iOS devices and it is invite-only. Nonetheless, unlike Clubhouse, Instagram Live requires people to be on-camera, which comes with the added pressure of looking good and being in a photogenic environment.

Furthermore, Live Rooms will likely do well on the platform. Thanks to this new feature it will be easier to attract larger audiences.