IG Group Reopens London Office

IG Group Reopens London Office

IG Group’s employees have been working from home for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the situation improves, the company has decided to reopen the working space. Naturally, those who wish to remain cautious by continuing to work from home still have the option to do so.

As the pandemic suddenly hit, many businesses switched to work from home models; some forced and others willingly. Before, a large portion of the companies were reluctant to do so in fear of financial losses. However, now that their hands were forced, many companies noticed the opposite result, an increase in productivity. As such, perception about at-home workers has changed, and attitudes towards the organizational model are much more positive.

However, there are still those that find it difficult (due to technical or personal reasons) to accomplish their work tasks from home. IG Group recognized the difficulty and decided to reopen their office in London. They announced the move through the business-focused social network, LinkedIn.

IG Group emphasized the importance of individual choice in the decision and noted that each employee would get to decide for themselves. Many other firms have opted to function in a similar manner to the broker, offering an opt-in work presence model. As expected, a large portion of employees in those companies chose to continue working from home.

IG Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Jon Noble, also released his thoughts on the move. He stated that the company has proved that it’s flexible, yet resilient, as shown by its behavior during the pandemic. However, the company has noticed employees’ increased need (or want) to return to usual working conditions. Mr. Noble recognizes that the situation regarding the virus is far from under control, but says that the company coordinated the return very carefully.

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