Hybrid AI Rolls out the First Quantitative Crypto Fund

Hybrid AI Rolls out the First Quantitative Crypto Fund

Cindicator, a hybrid intelligence firm, is rolling out a crypto hedge fund, Cindicator Capital, based on hybrid intelligence and quantitative research.

According to a press release, the company’s new crypto fund provides access to investment strategies based on hybrid intelligence data. Moreover, the fund provides access to quantitative research as well, which includes data from forecasts and decentralized analysts.

Mike Brusov, Cindicator co-founder and CEO, said that the Cindicator ecosystem is entering the next level of its development. According to Brusov, it is preparing to begin the onboarding of external capital from a fund of funds, VC funds, institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Combining a collective human mind with a machine intelligence provides a unique and sustainable data source for seeking alpha, Brusov says.

The company has invested half-million dollars into the fund’s strategies. Moreover, it will increase this amount to $2.5 million over the following few months. As a result, the company will use the revenues generated by the fund to reward analysts for correct forecasts. Furthermore, Cindicator plans to pay the analysts in proportion to their intellectual efforts and the quality of indicators based on their predictions.

Analysts Rewarded by Crypto Fund

In September, this international fintech company launched Edge, a web app for tracking indicators for over 150 digital assets. The indicators intend to help make trading decisions by estimating probabilities of various events across cryptocurrency assets, stocks and futures. Also, the new product targets holders of Cindicator tokens.

The company announced the CND token listing on Kyber Network in August.

According to data from Coin360, CND token is ranked the 164th biggest crypto with a market cap of $18 million.

Cindicator Capital is an ecosystemic fund, based on an alpha-generating vehicle. It includes thousands of decentralized analysts from 135 countries. Furthermore, the fund develops strategies that are based on quantitative research on a variety of data sets.