Huawei Unveils a New Database Management System

Huawei Unveils a New Database Management System

Huawei Technologies revealed on Wednesday a new database management product, in an offer to grow its enterprise business and challenge Western opponents such as Oracle Corp in China, in rising scrutiny over its main telecom business.

The Shenzhen-based firm, also known for making mobile phones and telecom equipment, claims its recently produced database utilizes artificial intelligence competences to develop tuning performance, a process that usually involves human administrators, by more than 60 percent.

Huawei said in a report its new database management software, called GaussDB, is supported by artificial intelligence and works locally as well as on clouds.

The move comes in the midst of rising international scrutiny over Huawei’s main telecom equipment business as Washington attempts to convince its partners that Huawei posed national security risks.

Huawei is attempting to expand its nascent enterprise service business, a sector accounting for about 10 percent of its revenue, while its mobile phone business continues to raise its share in a dwindling worldwide market.

Industry consultancy IDC said in a announcement this month that China’s cloud system and management software market is anticipated to rise to $650 million in 2023 from $105 million in 2018 driven by rising request for cloud service. Huawei is the biggest player with one fifth of the market, closely followed by U.S. company VMware.

IDC analyst Thomas Zhou said, “Traditionally, the database market in China is dominated by relationship database, and that market is dominated by foreign players such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. But this is changing in recent years because of the rapid growth of public cloud services, with many enterprises migrating to the cloud, they also turn to cloud-based databases.”

According to IDC, Alibaba Group is the biggest cloud service provider in China with almost 43 percent of the market and followed by Tencent Cloud.

“Huawei is unlikely to challenge Oracle’s dominant position in traditional, structured database. But that is a stagnant market. The fastest-growing market is in big data platforms,” Zhou said.

U.S. software giant Oracle previous this month cut more than 900 jobs in China – 60 percent of its employees there – as  part of a company-wide reform, media outlets, including the news agency, reported.

In reply to a request by a news agency for remark, Oracle said by email, “As our cloud business grows, we will continually balance our resources and restructure our development group to help ensure we deliver the best cloud services to our customers in China.”

The Chinese recruiting platform has lately seen a surge in recently registered users who work at Oracle China. However the door is still open for new applicants as the American giant is now recruiting for above 100 positions through Boss, including many connected to cloud computing.